Traction Lug is the innovative tread designed by Vibram to enhance traction on all types of terrain.
Thanks to the exclusive design of the micro lug-shaped elements on the surface of the lugs, this special technology increases the surface of contact with the ground by 50%, resulting in an increase in traction of up to 25% compared to a normal tread and also provides greater stability both uphill and downhill.


Vibram is synonymous with soles for mountain footwear, an essential component for product safety and technical performanceVibram®‘s experience is condensed into the research and development of specific compounds for use on different terrains and in different environmental conditions; AKU’s contribution is based on the design of the tread profile, conceived and planned according to the product’s intended use. This synergy results in soles that AKU uses on many of its models, generating its own unique standard of performance.

Some products with VIBRAM Traction Lug technology


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