Through the use of the form obtained by hand, the pattern makers create a three-dimensional object, the shoe, starting from two-dimensional elements laid flat, that is, leather and fabrics. The value of this process is perceptible in the fit of each individual model, appreciating the harmony and comfort with which the construction materials adapt to the anatomy of the foot, following its natural movement during walking.

The creation of a last, the result of constant research on plantar anatomy, is a long and accurate process in which AKU’s long experience in the design and production of high quality footwear for mountaineering, backpacking and trekking is condensed.

The original AKU shape is the matrix from which, thanks to specific adaptations, the different types of shape derive, which vary in relation to the different models and the specific use function of the product.

Soft and welcoming shapes are the prerogative of footwear in the ACTIVE segment, intended for light outdoor activities, in non-demanding conditions and on regular surfaces. Enveloping and anatomical shapes are instead intended for footwear in the TREKKING segment, to offer stability and encourage dynamic action when walking on mountain trails with very uneven ground. Finally, lean and elongated shapes are used in professional footwear in the MOUNTAIN segment, to promote precision and sensitivity when used in rock and ice climbing.

The ability to generate the shape of the shoe is perhaps the greatest asset of companies producing technical footwear.

PERFORMANCE FIT, dry and enveloping shapes, for professional footwear in the Mountain segment, designed to promote precision and sensitivity when used in rock and ice climbing. Such as in the Hayatsuki GTX and Tengu GTX models that adopt the Performance Fit shape. Here the heel has an anatomical shape designed to hold the foot and with the forefoot part which, without compromising the precision in the toe, is more spacious and thus guarantees better warmth and blood circulation even during prolonged stops with the feet in the snow.

ANATOMICAL FIT, comfortable and enveloping anatomical shapes for footwear in the Trekking segment, designed to offer comfort and stability and to promote dynamic action when walking on mountain trails with uneven ground.

PRECISE FIT, precise and slightly curved shapes, for the footwear of the Backpacking and Multiterrain segments, suitable for dynamic use on medium-difficulty terrain or demanding on technical terrain.

WOMAN FIT, shapes specifically developed for the female foot anatomy, comfortable and enveloping provide comfort and stability when walking on mountain trails with uneven ground.

RELAXED FIT, soft and welcoming shapes for footwear in the Mountain Inspired segment, intended for leisure and light outdoor activities.


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