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he creation of a last is a long and accurate process in which AKU’s long experience in the design and production of high quality footwear is condensed. The identification of the last in relation to the morphology of the foot represents one of the basic criteria in choosing the right shoe.

The original AKU shape is the matrix, the result of constant research on plantar anatomy. From it, thanks to specific adaptations, the different types of shape and fit derive, which vary in relation to the different models and the specific function of use of the product.

Elica is an integrated system consisting of FORMA – ASSEMBLY INSOLE – MIDSOLE – TREAD that follows the anatomical shape of the sole of the foot and follows the normal inclination of the heel and forefoot. The functional value of the ELICA technology has been certified by specific tests performed at the CERISM Centro Studi Salute laboratories of the University of Verona. The tests show that a more homogeneous distribution of foot pressure during the support and push phases favors comfort by reducing impact and effort during the walk.

The support phase

During the support phase, the assembly insole is inclined outwards to support the support of the heel. In the external area of the heel the shock-absorbing thickness is greater to absorb impact, while the internal front area of the wedge is made of shock-absorbing material to distribute the thrust force. The asymmetrical design of the tread aligned with the support axis and the protruding profile increase the contact surface.

The propulsion phase

The assembly insole is inclined inwards to accommodate the support of the forefoot, which naturally rests inwards. The internal front area of the wedge is made of shock-absorbing material to distribute the thrust force and also the tread caps protrude outwards to increase the support surface.


Since 2010, Cerism has been carrying out research and laboratory tests regarding sports activity in the mountains, with the aim of measuring physical performance and materials. The tests carried out at the Rovereto site, contained in a dossier released by the Research Institute, confirmed the biodynamic efficiency of the Elica system to the advantage of the rolling mechanism, resulting, in prolonged use, a lower impact on the skeletal system and muscular.


“I have been carrying out field tests and have been using AKU footwear for years as a mountain guide. In particular, in long-lasting treks, even with relatively heavy loads on the shoulders, I was able to verify the high comfort of the Elica system in the absorption of shocks and in the support of the rolled, with the result of an overall lower fit “.

Alpine Guide


“The new asymmetrical construction of the sole with Elica Natural Stride System technology ensures a uniform load on the sole of the foot. Alterra has shown how effective it is in many two-day excursions and trekking through cultivated fields ”.

Product Test Chief Redaktor Outdoor Magazine

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