In order to reduce the levels of energy consumption and emissions, AKU is oriented towards research for greater efficiency of the plants and the rationalization of production processes.


Packaging management
exclusive use of cardboard and paper adhesive tape

Starting from 2016, the packaging system for shipments of goods to customers globally was revised, completely eliminating the use of plastic material and introducing the exclusive use of cardboard packaging, favoring eventual recycling or disposal. of the packaging itself at the end of its life.


Energy efficiency program and reduction of Co2 emissions

Between 2015 and 2017, a complete overhaul of the thermal insulation system of the production plant in Montebelluna – Italy was carried out, optimizing energy consumption and consequently reducing the level of CO2 emissions.

In the same Montebelluna plant, a light source efficiency program is underway through the installation of high efficiency and reduced energy absorption LED systems.


A few data testify our attention to detail in order to reduce waste and consumption.


From 2019 to 2021, we have reused 6,700 packaging cartons for finished product shipments.

Limit plastics

We have eliminated the use of plastic cups from beverage dispensers by replacing them with paper cups or our own cup (-8400 pcs per year)

-5% on raw materials

We have installed new cutting machines in production, which has resulted in a 5% saving on raw materials.

-200t of CO2

We have reduced electricity consumption by switching to LED lamps. In 2021, around 200 tonnes of CO2 will be saved compared to 2020.


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