Working time at Montebelluna factory

Through an internal survey, a new set of working hours was adopted for production personnel, reducing the lunch break and bringing forward the evening exit time. This new structure has guaranteed a double effect: on the one hand a significant improvement in the management of time to devote to family and social activities, on the other a reduction in energy consumption due to the early closure of the plants.


Minima is net positive
Environmental benefits of minima project

The MINIMA outdoor lifestyle model project represented for AKU a form of responsible commitment from the design point of view, with the aim of reducing the consumption of raw materials and limiting the environmental effects of production.

It was therefore not just a consumption efficiency strategy and therefore an economic saving, but a project aimed at creating a benefit for the environment. In fact, in addition to efforts to reduce the environmental impact as much as possible, an initiative to compensate for CO2 emissions was undertaken which led us to exceed the zeroing threshold.

Based on the calculations already made on Bellamont Plus for EPD certification, we have estimated the emissions relating to the entire life cycle of the entire production of the Minima model to be 50 tons. To this we added 20% to cover any imperfections in the calculation and a further 50% to have a positive effect on the environment by compensating for 90 tons of CO2 through reforestation initiatives supported by the United Nations for climate neutrality “.


Plastic free, designed to last and low energy content.
The AKU stand has a reduced environmental impact

Designed and built in 2013, the stand with which AKU participates in trade fairs is a structure entirely made of natural wood without chemical treatments or plastic components. The graphic panels are made of recycled honeycomb cardboard and the bar service is completely free from the use of plastic containers. For lighting, consumption of less than 3 kw is expected.


We want to inspire you to become active and enjoy the outdoors

It’s Great Out There is a program conceived and coordinated by EOG – European Outdoor Industry – the international association of companies in the outdoor sector, which has among its aims the sensitization of European political institutions towards the adoption of regulatory measures aimed at promoting practice of physical activity, sports and free time in contact with nature.
Since 2018 AKU has joined the It’s Great Out There program with the following initiatives:


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Get 10% off now and become part of the AKU family.

Stay up to date on the latest news and adventures in the wilderness.


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