We feel part of a single ecosystem social and environmental.

We feel responsible for its balance.

When in 2013, following a product test, the authoritative German consumer defense body Stiftung Warentest assigned the historic Trekker Lite GTX model the lowest coefficient regarding the presence of toxic substances among the constituent materials of the product, it was It is clear that the particular attention that the company has always paid to the choice of high quality raw materials was one of the most important characteristics of AKU production.

In summary: high technical quality and low environmental impact.

Based on this awareness, the company then moved to further improve the performance in terms of limiting the environmental impact of its activities and not only with regard to the product, but in more general terms in terms of industrial organization and relations with the community. Since then, 3 groups within the company have been set up for the management of initiatives concerning the PRODUCT, INDUSTRIAL OPERATIONS and COMMUNITY, with the aim of operating on certain macro issues such as safety, circular economy and social solidarity. Over time, several projects have been developed, the most significant are listed below.





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