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Minima is the first and only shoe on the outdoor market in which the upper and lining are entirely made with Zero Impact® leather, obtained from a low environmental impact tanning process, without chromium and heavy metals. In compliance with the responsible commitment of the AKU philosophy, the design of the shoe is conceived to reduce the waste of leather in production through its reuse in different components of the product, while the CO2 emissions, produced by the entire life cycle of Minima , have been compensated for by supporting United Nations-led initiatives for climate neutrality (UNFCCC).

Bellamont Plus, the first outdoor footwear with declaration

AKU is the first and only company worldwide in the footwear sector to have calculated and certified the degree of environmental impact of a shoe in 2018, through a calculation process developed by the Swedish research institute Environdec. A result obtained through the application of the International EPD® System method which determines the level of environmental impact of the entire life cycle of the shoe.

Production and acquisition of raw materials and semi-finished products, transport, factory assembly, packaging and disposal at the end of use: all phases of the product’s life have been subjected to analysis to obtain the impact data of the footwear.

The environmental impact certification of the Bellamont Plus model represents for AKU a form of responsible commitment towards retailers and end users, with a view to maximum transparency regarding the production methods and the origin of the product.

The information deriving from the calculation of the environmental impact also allows the company to know in more detail the areas of greatest impact and therefore to evaluate new forms of design aimed at limiting the effects of its production activity on the natural environment.

First and exclusively in the outdoor footwear sector, AKU has chosen Dani Sustainable Leather’s Zero Impact leather

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Those who live and respect nature and the environment always find fellow travelers who share their values.

Dani Sustainable Leather was the first to develop Zero Impact leather, thanks to an innovative process that replaces chrome and heavy metals in tanning, lowers the CO2 share of emissions by 5%, and reduces the remaining part to zero thanks to certified interventions reforestation.

First and exclusively in the outdoor footwear sector, AKU has chosen the Zero Impact leather by Dani Sustainable Leather, using it for the inner lining of the models of the AKU Plus family. On the path of sustainability, on which it has been walking for some time, starting with ‘commitment to the traceability of the raw materials of its European suppliers, AKU today takes a new step forward.

On the product front, AKU is committed to researching design and production solutions with a reduced environmental impact.

a responsible choice

Mountain footwear is a product made by assembling different components, partly sewn and partly glued. The reliability of the product as a whole is given by the design and manufacturing ability of the manufacturer; legendary the Italian one, which has always been considered a world-class excellence, both in the sports and fashion sectors. An activity of constant research and improvement, in construction techniques and in the choice of materials, which is now associated with an increasing attention to the issues of environmental impact.
A commitment also taken up by AKU, which for some time has chosen to use water-based glues for gluing the components of its uppers, abandoning the old acrylic-based glues. A responsible choice that guarantees the reliability of the shoe in terms of durability, while limiting its environmental impact at the time of disposal.


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