Good footwear also deserves good care!
Regular maintenance prolongs the life of the shoe


  • After use, always remove traces of dust, mud and dirt with a soft brush when the shoe is dry. For stubborn dirt use a cloth dampened with cold water.
    Never use solvents, aggressive chemicals or too hard brushes: you could irreparably damage the leather and plastic parts.
    Do not machine wash and do not use pressure washers, very high temperatures and pressures could damage some components of the shoe.
    The boots must be dried naturally in a dry and well ventilated place, away from direct heat sources such as radiators, stoves or direct sunlight.
    Regularly apply a nourishing reviving cream specific for footwear to the leather uppers in order to keep them always soft.
    Periodically use a specific protective spray to ensure the water repellency of leathers and fabrics.


Do not store your boots closed in plastic bags or airtight containers when not in use.
Carefully place the boots in a cardboard box, in places with good ventilation, free from temperature changes and away from heat sources, in order to preserve the original shape and softness of the leathers and fabrics. Particularly humid places could alter the functional characteristics of leathers, soles and accessory components.
It is advisable to remove any internal parts (shoes and insoles) in case of prolonged inactivity.
When storing the shoes it is advisable to fill them by inserting newspaper inside them in order to preserve their original shape, and fasten them up to the upper hooks.

The leathers used in AKU footwear are of the highest quality, any differences in color, variations in tone and shading and any loss of color are the typical result of the particular and refined dye that makes them unique.



If there are problems in the small parts of your shoe, on the seams, on the upper or on the rubber edges, you don’t necessarily have to get rid of them. AKU for example in many cases repairs its own models.


Evaluate the state of the upper, if you believe it is still in good condition and functional, but the tread no longer guarantees stability and grip because it is worn, it is probably not yet necessary that you get rid of your pair of boots. For many of its models in the collection, AKU offers the resoling service at its Montebelluna plant. Ask your AKU dealer for information.

Best practice

Before finally throwing your boots in the trash, consider that you could use them for gardening activities, for small jobs in the woods or in all situations where it is possible to use an “end of life” shoe. Otherwise you can invent a way to reuse it …
Send us the photo of the “reuse” you make of it, the best ones will be published on our social networks. You can send them to the email address: info@aku.it.

Take care of disposal!

Footwear is generally considered to be similar to the dry fraction of municipal solid waste. They must be disposed of in the appropriate spaces and in the manner prescribed by local regulations.


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