• Giulia Giudici

Falling in love with the Valtellina’s mountains

Giulia Giudici is a young woman born in Valtellina, the place she fall in love with.
She lives in a small mountain village at the foot of the Mortirolo Pass in Valtellina, one of the most beautiful valley in the north of Italy.

She has always a mountain enthusiast, she discovered this vertical world when she took her first steps together with her parents. There are countless walks to be taken from her beloved valley, one by one she has walked them, and still does today. It was only later, with the slopes covered in snow, that she began to frequent the mountains in winter as well, taking part in numerous ski mountaineering competitions that allowed her to climb and descend all the Alps, from the Maritime to the Julian Alps.

Since 2019, she has been a Medium Mountain Guide, registered with the Regional College of Alpine Guides of Lombardy.
She organises treks to discover the natural, historical and cultural beauty of Valtellina.  The historical treks retracing the paths of the Great War of 1915-1918, especially in the Stelvio National Park area.

Her passion for the mountains does not stop at her job as a mountain guide. In his spare time she enjoys rock climbing, ski mountaineering, mountain biking, paragliding and on bad weather days she loves reading mountaineering books.
She created and manages the social page Valtellina Trekking, where she proposes her excursions and tries to make her valley known.

A medium-mountain guide, Giulia created and manages the Valtellina Trekking social page to help people discover the beauty of her valley.


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