Developed exclusively for AKU, the new MICHELIN Pulsar Technical soles is the product of a close collaboration between a team of skilled footwear specialists.

MICHELIN Pulsar Technical soles are an all-round high performance product that adapts easily to all kinds of terrain and conditions, making it a real “must have” for outdoor enthusiasts.

The MICHELIN Pulsar sole was developed to accommodate the AKU Elica-Natural Stride System, with an asymmetric design for ground contact (1) in line with the natural stride axis. It takes its inspiration from the MICHELIN Wild Grip’R Descent mountain bike tyre which itself was developed for downhill cycling on mixed terrain, with progressive lateral grip and a motocross-derived tread pattern. All in all, it’s a good test bench for a sole made to tackle all kinds of ground surfaces, something it can accomplish effectively thanks to deep grooves that boost adaptability to very different kinds of terrain (2).

In addition, the sculptures are positioned in irregular groups to focus on the areas of greatest stress. Smaller and more aggressive sculptures under the big toe deliver progressive traction (3), while aggressive shoulder sculptures improve lateral traction and stability (4). Bridge reinforcements also achieve the same for stability and wear resistance (5).

Massive sculptures at the heel boost braking ability (7). A high distance ratio between the sculptures also facilitates selfcleaning (6), while two flexion channels make for greater flexibility when the foot is rolling.

Some products with MICHELIN PULSAR technology




Vibram is synonymous with the sole for mountain footwear, an essential component for the safety and technical performance of the product. Vibram’s experience is condensed in the research and development of specific compounds for use on different terrains and environmental conditions; AKU’s contribution is based on the design of the tread profile, conceived and designed according to the intended use of the product. From this synergy are born soles that AKU adopts on many of its models, generating its own exclusive standard of performance.

The sole design

The sole is one of the elements that make up the shoe and must be considered as part of a single project, consistent with the technical / functional needs of the type of shoe that is being designed and the last on which it will be built. In the case of AKU, the sole must copy the anatomical and helical shape of the bottom of our last, in order to support and enhance its anatomical and dynamic characteristics.
Another aspect to pay attention to is its reliability which must also be consistent with the use for which the shoe was designed, with a view to minimizing material waste to obtain the maximum required result.
A further element of attention is the search for the simplicity of interface / assembly between the sole and the other components of the shoe. In summary: maximum attention to the minimalism of the sole, both in weight and in the components and design choices.

The Megagrip compound

A special compound designed by Vibram ® to offer excellent grip on dry and wet surfaces. This compound today represents the highest standard in field performance for Vibram compounds dedicated to outdoor and sports footwear. Perfect mix of grip and durability, Megagrip expresses an excellent balance between stability and flexibility on all types of terrain. AKU adopts the Megagrip compound on some of its higher technical performance models.

Arctic Grip

Vibram Arctic Grip is the most advanced Vibram system to guarantee grip even during the winter season. Specifically designed for slippery and icy surfaces.


Mountain soles are characterized by:

a particular resistance to abrasion an accentuated sculpting the background design with a number greater than blanks the particular heaviness and thickness fewer elements of which they are composed.


Trekking soles feature:

an appropriate resistance to abrasion shock absorption capacity, especially in the heel area an accentuated, characterized sculpting from a correct height of the caps bottom design which includes empty areas for cleaning the bottom attention to lightness a design that allows for flexion and boot protection.


Multiterrain soles have common characteristics:

a particular resistance to abrasion shock absorption capacity an accentuated, characterized sculpting by a reduced height of the caps the design of the bottom that supports the correct flexion of the foot remarkable lightness more elements from which they are composed.

Alcuni prodotti con tecnologia VIBRAM


    The multiterrain outsole


Tenuta Grip is the name that identifies a special compound developed by AKU for some models in the hiking and speed hiking category. A compound and tread designed for mixed and off-road use, for a special grip on smooth and wet surfaces.

Una mescola e un battistrada studiati per un utilizzo misto e fuoristrada, per una speciale tenuta su superfici lisce e umide.

Some products with TENUTA GRIP technology


    Stay warm!


PrimaLoft® insulation products offer superior performance for high-quality equipment intended for protection from the cold.

PrimaLoft® is light, breathable and has excellent water repellency to keep you dry, warm and comfortable even in the most adverse weather conditions. The human body uses energy to keep warm. PrimaLoft® uses a patented structure with ultra-fine microfibers to help the body retain heat and conserve energy. PrimaLoft® is warm as down, compressible, breathable and offers superior water repellency to keep you dry, warm and comfortable even in the most adverse weather conditions.

Some products with PrimaLoft® technology



Liba Smart®

Liba Smart is a TPU-based technical material developed in recent years by AB H Brunner, a Swedish company specializing in the production of footwear components with a history of more than 115 years. It is mainly used as a protective band for the upper, where it is a lightweight alternative to commonly used rubber. Liba smart is a very abrasion-resistant, lightweight and wear-resistant material. It copes well with all weather conditions, is resistant to UV rays and is 100% recyclable.

Some products with LIBA SMART technology



The Gore-Tex® membrane is an exclusive heat-sealed technical fabric which contains about 1.4 billion microscopic pores per square centimeter.

These pores are approximately 20,000 times smaller than a drop of water but 700 times bigger than a molecule of moisture vapor. So, whilst water droplets cannot penetrate the GORE -TEX membrane, moisture vapor, namely perspiration in gas form, can easily escape.

GORE-TEX® has developed 3 specific types of membrane for the footwear sector, each with specific functional properties.

Insulated Comfort

Offers a range of insulation options to keep feet dry and comfortable in
cold to very cold temperatures. Designed for the winter, they keep feet
warm and dry all day long, even in rain, snow and ice.

Key advantages:
– Various insulation options available, enabling selection of the right
shoe for a particular winter activity
– Optimal combination of breathability and insulation keeps feet
comfortable, never sweaty
– Durable waterproof protection keeps moisture out.

Performace Comfort

Moderate insulation to keep feet dry and comfortable during outdoor
activities in a variety of weather conditions.

Key advantages:
– Moderately insulated for changing conditions
– Optimal combination of breathability and insulation keep feet warm and dry, even in unexpected weather
– Durable waterproof protection.

Extended Comfort

Ideal for moderate or warmer weather conditions. Exceptional performance in high-output activities and everyday use.

Key advantages:
– All-year indoor comfort and outdoor protection.
– Extremely breathable to prevent feet from overheating.
– Optimum heat conductivity and excellent moisture management ensure all-day climate comfort inside the shoe.
– Durable waterproof protection.




Through the use of the form obtained by hand, the pattern makers create a three-dimensional object, the shoe, starting from two-dimensional elements laid flat, that is, leather and fabrics. The value of this process is perceptible in the fit of each individual model, appreciating the harmony and comfort with which the construction materials adapt to the anatomy of the foot, following its natural movement during walking.

The creation of a last, the result of constant research on plantar anatomy, is a long and accurate process in which AKU’s long experience in the design and production of high quality footwear for mountaineering, backpacking and trekking is condensed.

The original AKU shape is the matrix from which, thanks to specific adaptations, the different types of shape derive, which vary in relation to the different models and the specific use function of the product.

Soft and welcoming shapes are the prerogative of footwear in the ACTIVE segment, intended for light outdoor activities, in non-demanding conditions and on regular surfaces. Enveloping and anatomical shapes are instead intended for footwear in the TREKKING segment, to offer stability and encourage dynamic action when walking on mountain trails with very uneven ground. Finally, lean and elongated shapes are used in professional footwear in the MOUNTAIN segment, to promote precision and sensitivity when used in rock and ice climbing.

The ability to generate the shape of the shoe is perhaps the greatest asset of companies producing technical footwear.

PERFORMANCE FIT, dry and enveloping shapes, for professional footwear in the Mountain segment, designed to promote precision and sensitivity when used in rock and ice climbing. Such as in the Hayatsuki GTX and Tengu GTX models that adopt the Performance Fit shape. Here the heel has an anatomical shape designed to hold the foot and with the forefoot part which, without compromising the precision in the toe, is more spacious and thus guarantees better warmth and blood circulation even during prolonged stops with the feet in the snow.

ANATOMICAL FIT, comfortable and enveloping anatomical shapes for footwear in the Trekking segment, designed to offer comfort and stability and to promote dynamic action when walking on mountain trails with uneven ground.

PRECISE FIT, precise and slightly curved shapes, for the footwear of the Backpacking and Multiterrain segments, suitable for dynamic use on medium-difficulty terrain or demanding on technical terrain.

WOMAN FIT, shapes specifically developed for the female foot anatomy, comfortable and enveloping provide comfort and stability when walking on mountain trails with uneven ground.

RELAXED FIT, soft and welcoming shapes for footwear in the Mountain Inspired segment, intended for leisure and light outdoor activities.


    Biodynamic comfort


he creation of a last is a long and accurate process in which AKU’s long experience in the design and production of high quality footwear is condensed. The identification of the last in relation to the morphology of the foot represents one of the basic criteria in choosing the right shoe.

The original AKU shape is the matrix, the result of constant research on plantar anatomy. From it, thanks to specific adaptations, the different types of shape and fit derive, which vary in relation to the different models and the specific function of use of the product.

Elica is an integrated system consisting of FORMA – ASSEMBLY INSOLE – MIDSOLE – TREAD that follows the anatomical shape of the sole of the foot and follows the normal inclination of the heel and forefoot. The functional value of the ELICA technology has been certified by specific tests performed at the CERISM Centro Studi Salute laboratories of the University of Verona. The tests show that a more homogeneous distribution of foot pressure during the support and push phases favors comfort by reducing impact and effort during the walk.

The support phase

During the support phase, the assembly insole is inclined outwards to support the support of the heel. In the external area of the heel the shock-absorbing thickness is greater to absorb impact, while the internal front area of the wedge is made of shock-absorbing material to distribute the thrust force. The asymmetrical design of the tread aligned with the support axis and the protruding profile increase the contact surface.

The propulsion phase

The assembly insole is inclined inwards to accommodate the support of the forefoot, which naturally rests inwards. The internal front area of the wedge is made of shock-absorbing material to distribute the thrust force and also the tread caps protrude outwards to increase the support surface.


Since 2010, Cerism has been carrying out research and laboratory tests regarding sports activity in the mountains, with the aim of measuring physical performance and materials. The tests carried out at the Rovereto site, contained in a dossier released by the Research Institute, confirmed the biodynamic efficiency of the Elica system to the advantage of the rolling mechanism, resulting, in prolonged use, a lower impact on the skeletal system and muscular.


“I have been carrying out field tests and have been using AKU footwear for years as a mountain guide. In particular, in long-lasting treks, even with relatively heavy loads on the shoulders, I was able to verify the high comfort of the Elica system in the absorption of shocks and in the support of the rolled, with the result of an overall lower fit “.

Alpine Guide


“The new asymmetrical construction of the sole with Elica Natural Stride System technology ensures a uniform load on the sole of the foot. Alterra has shown how effective it is in many two-day excursions and trekking through cultivated fields ”.

Product Test Chief Redaktor Outdoor Magazine

Some products with ELICA technology

  • AIR8000

    Breathability and warmth
    of AKU footwear


AIR 8000 is the first technology for the construction of the upper developed and patented by AKU since 1991 to increase the breathability of a mountain shoe.

Laboratory tests carried out by Gore Tex confirm that the upper made with the exclusive AKU AIR 8000® system offers a level of breathability up to 11.5 times higher than normal standards. Almost 20 years later, the AKU AIR 8000® system remains one of the most advanced technologies to ensure excellent breathability of the mountain shoe.

Some products with AIR8000 technology


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