Protecting Ice Memory - International Salvage Program

by Carlo Barbante & Jacopo Gabrieli
(Institute for the Dynamics of Environmental Processes of the National Research Council, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice)

By now it’s a fact: the Earth’s climate is warming up and man is the main cause. The current global warming is not really an extraordinary occurrence because our planet underwent a number of warming and cooling cycles also in ancient times.

The ice ages are the clearest evidence of this. The totally new element in the debate is the fact that the Earth’s climate is changing much faster than in the past and that this change no longer depends solely on natural factors but also on human intervention.

To put the changes that are happening in the right perspective, it is therefore essential to study past climate and environmental changes and compare them with current conditions. The best instrument we have to reconstruct past climate is the study of natural archives, which have recorded, sometimes in exceptional detail, the sequence of climatic parameters and extreme events of past eras and centuries.

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An archive in the Antarctic for the world’s glaciers

The "Protecting Ice Memory - International Salvage Program" is promoted with the contribution of AKU.

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