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The Umbrian stretch of the Via Lauretana Roman road

AKU endorses Valle Umbra Trekking association’s project to restore and promote the Umbrian stretch of the Via Lauretana Roman road.

Valle Umbra Trekking, an affiliate member of Federazione Italiana Escursionismo since 1997, is a voluntary Umbrian association specializing in trekking activities and environmental education. It mostly promotes local culture and appreciation of the territory by promoting its history and traditions. Every year the association presents a programme of walks and hikes of varying degrees of difficulty and interest to its 250 plus members from Italy and abroad. The association’s pride and joy is the youth group that carries out specific activities for youngsters between the ages of 6 and 16.
In agreement with the town of Foligno it runs Aula Verde Altolina at Pale di Foligno, a hamlet of Foligno, which is the reference point for all hiking and educational field-trip activities.
The presence of a stretch of the Via Lauretana in the territory has persuaded the association to look after the ancient pilgrim route and can be considered as a completion and an enhancement of the various nature trails and religious routes present in the area. In fact, the Via Lauretana represents one of the main crossroads of a network of trails that connect both the parco Regionale Subasio and parco Regionale Colfiorito to the parco Nazionale dei monti Sibillini and the E1 European trail. Furthermore, the Via Lauretana is connected to the historic Via Francigena road of San Francis (road to Rome) that, passing through Assisi, crosses the Foligno territory and links the places of Franciscan spirituality together, La Verna to the north and Greccio to the south.

From Foligno to Castelluccio in three steps

The path we offer, starts from the city of Foligno and It runs along the route of the ancient Via Lauretana, to join into the E1 Trail up to Castelluccio di Norcia. Can be divided into three stages, very different between them,both from the naturali-stic, landscaped climatic point of view.

1) Foligno-Colfiorito - Departure is from Foligno’s main squa-re, which is overlooked by the Gothic secondary facade of the Cathedral of San Feliciano, the Palazzo Comunale and Palazzo Trinci; from here, following the banks of the Topino river, you get to the scenic Menotre Fallsand to the lovely village of Pale.Is worth visiting the Hermitage of Santa Maria Giacobbe, with a cycle of frescoes of great value and the classroom Verde Omero Savina, where you can admire a sweeping view of the valley. Along the Via Loreto you can admire the pristine beauty of the Colfiorito Marsh, as to be shown since 1976 wetland of international interest in the presence of a highly diversified habitat.

2) Colfiorito-Preci - By diverting the path E1 we will cross the foothills of the Sibillini Mountains National Park, the landscape will be more typical mountain, and you will arrive at the village of Preci surrounded by the extraordinary richness of history, traditions, nature and landscapes typical of the Park. Nearby is present the Abbey of Sant'Eutizio, of ancient origins, in which you'll find evidence of an-cient surgical practices.

3) Preci-Castelluccio - Last stop on the route is the village of Castelluccio di Norcia, at the foot of Monte Vettore, known for products of agriculture and sheep farming, but also for the spontaneous flowering during the months of June and July.

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