– text by Lorenzo Filipaz; fotograph by Andrea Salini/Outdoor Studio

Just a few kilometres from Trieste and the sea, with the lowest alpine refuge, this valley, today a natural reserve,

hosts the only river (Carso river) and rock walls, where stories of climbing have been written.

Just one more excuse to explore it walking.

I am Middle-European and I am pale like calcium - what connection do I have with the blues? And yet I am an expert, at least in terms of one of its peculiarities: the mountain blues. Remember the painful thought of mountaineering when your sight suffers because it can’t find of rock walls?

I see the sea every day, what can I possibly know of the mountain? And yet on that mirror of water a port is reflected with three historical alpine associations: the Apline association of the Giulie, the Slovensko Planinsko Društvo Trst, the Slovenian association, and the XXX Octobre. All over one hundred years old!

That port is called Trieste and I, allow me to introduce myself, am Val Rosandra, a rocky gorge that holds engravings of the Carso river at its shoulders.
Maybe even more absurd than a valley that speaks to you is a sea-side city with such a hungry desire for Alps. Go walking on its banks on a clear Winter’s day and you will understand the reason: a sparkling scene of snow-covered mountains emerges from the water of the gulf like the Morgan fairy. They are the Giulie Alps to the North, and the Belluno Dolomites to the North-West: the two loves of Trieste mountaineers.

I am the consolation for those blues that Trieste mountaineers have come to tune for generations on my plates and planes, finding footholds so similar to those of the Dolomites or of the Giulie, de-pending on which side they touched.
Maybe it was this comparison to the Dolomite walls that Cozzi, Comici, Cozzolino, Weiss and oth-ers made, the likes of whom made me feel beautiful, like when lovers sing you serenades disturbing pindaric hyperboles.
Surely this was the way they helped me enter the story of mountaineering. Me, humble provincial karstic gorge.

signed, Val Rosandra

1 - From Trieste to Val Rosandra, along the Giordano Cottur bicycle path

Trieste - Bottazzo - Draga Sant'Elia – Kozina.
Duration:  The complete bicycle path till Kozina is 16 km long, with a 400 metre climb, 12 km until the border (300 metre climb), 9 until the Modugno booth (juncture for Mount Stena, 250 m climb). It’s a path suitable for everyone and you can shorten it by starting at various points along the path. Duration of trip: Maximum 5 hours, but less depending on where you begin.

2 - Mount Stena’s calcareous bastion

from the Modugno booth to Mount Stena, a ring along the Cottur bicycle path (as an alternative you can start from the town of San Lorenzo/Jezero).
Duration:  3 km for the complete ring from the Modugno booth, with an approximately 150 metre climb. A one hour walk; it’s a path suitable for everyone. You can shorten it by starting at various points along the path.

3 - The Comici memorial stone and the little church of Santa Maria in Siaris

a ring from the Premuda al Cippo Comici refuge to S.ta Maria in Siaris (or descending from the Cottur bicycle path via Bottazzo): 3km with a 300 metre climb.
Duration:  2 hours, an easy path that requires being a little careful from S. Maria in Siaris to the memorial stone.

4 - The water road in Val Rosandra

a ring from Premuda refuge towards Bottazzo, descent to the waterfall and a path in and out of the canyon.
Duration:  2 hours, 3.5 km, with a 175 metre climb. A difficult path, without signs, only for expert mountaineers.

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