AKU makes a stop at the Topolò-Postaja Topolove Station.


Topolò is a mountain village with twenty inhabitants on the extreme border between Italy and Slovenia, in the Natisone Valleys. It is isolated, at the end of the road; for centuries the last frontier between two contrasting worlds. Over the course of time Topolò has weathered the storms of history, particularly in the last century, when it became one of the stages for the Caporetto battle and for some of the more challenging WWII events as well as the Cold War.

Today, Topolò is famous because every year, in the month of July, it becomes a meeting point for cultural exchanges worthy of a capital city: directors, musicians, writers, photographers, performers and scientists from around the world are hosted in the village’s homes and compare their research with the rich reality that is that place. The event called “Topolò Station – Postaja Topolove” is not a festival. There aren’t any shows on the itinerary. It’s a small and yet big laboratory that marries the experimentation and wisdom of an ancient culture with the strength of those it hosts. Everything that occurs is brought to life through direct contact with the place, which becomes the main driver thereof, not the background for the events.

Everything takes place in the fields, small squares, along the alleys and within the houses of the village, using whatever is available, without stages, theatres or schedules. “After sunset”, “in the afternoon”, “towards evening”, “when it’s dark” are the only schedules known to the Station. There are also the real-imaginary places like the airport, the five embassies, the Topology institute, the post office for states of consciousness, the waiting room for writers and directors in transit, the ancient synagogues, and this year the The Academy of Slow Pace, dedicated to film in Super8. It’s a luxury in a village without stores, coffee shops, bars, or buses. No entrance tickets are necessary: labs and events are free.

In this almost abandoned alpine village, where a cultural-artistic event has given its inhabitants a place in the world, AKU wanted to set their new Fall-Winter 2019 collection. Essential lines, colours and stylistic details fill the collection. Unique, like Topolò.

Info Topolò: www.stazioneditopolo.it

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