The Occitan Friends: La Compagnia del Buon Cammino

— testo AKU team / foto Ermanno Bressy / 13 luglio 2015

La Compagnia del Buon Cammino (Italian for "The society of the good path") was founded in 1996 by three sports, culture, but mainly mountain enthusiasts.
Perhaps more than an idea it was the love for Val Maira, the last Occitan outpost within the Italian borders, and even more the fascination of the silence and the walks along forgotten paths that brought Erio Giordano, Giulio Beuchod and Ermanno Bressy to found the association.
The Compagnia organizes trips during all seasons and promotes the projectIntervall "Adventure to the middle lands", in addition to other activities that go beyond fun and recreation. These projects include for example the restoration of old paths and the full backing of some guest houses and refuges of the Cuneo border valleys.
The Compagnia del Buon Cammino works in harmony with the area in which it is located and in full awareness of its boundless touristic potential.
It is another way to experience and appreciate the mountains, which is perfectly consistent with the identity and the inspiration of AKU. A common philosophy ties us together: to consciously live the mountains always respecting the nature, with the aim of a continuing growth made by new experiences and contacts with various environmental and social realities.

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