by Gianluca Migliavacca

Sentieri_Metropolitani (Metropolitan paths) is a project that came into being inside and outside the city walls
that has seen the creation of a network of footpaths, which (for the moment) pass through the metropolitan area of Milan.

A project that came into being inside and outside the city walls. It is a collective idea, that has become a “core value” of Trekking Italia - Associazione Amici del Trekking e della Natura (Friends of Trekking and Nature Association). An idea nurtured by group trips, whether on paths or in the wild, crossing mountains, hills, deserts or seashores; by words, walking and observing the transformations of the human landscape cleverly directed or, as in most cases, instinctive and speculative.

An idea consisting of setting out time and again for nature, far away, with a backpack, and of returns to the city: inside and outside the imaginary walls with the city/countryside dichotomy being continually brought to the fore. An idea that has therefore been added to as time passes. Especially thanks to Association members who feel the “need” at the weekend to get out of the city for a change of environment and return to nature. The members of an Association which has branches located in cities. An obvious sign that this need to get out, to pass from grey to green, is clearly felt by those who live in the city. A trend that at weekends becomes the desertion of what is for us townsfolk the primitive environment, what embraces us for most of our lives, ill-treated but rich in another way.


Discover Milan on foot with the help of the Sentieri_Metropolitani App - the Android and iOS Smartphone app developed by Trekking Italia with the contribution of AKU, which firmly supported this interesting project from the beginning.

Once you have downloaded the App onto your device, you can choose from 10 routes in the city of Milan (355 km of town and outof-town trails) along which various points of interest are indicated and for which more information can be obtained through the application thanks to its multi-media contents (videos, pictures and fact sheets). The App allows users to register so that they can store the trails they have done (whether completely or in part) and keep track of the kilometres walked and the CO2 saved. Every time a target is reached, such as finishing a trail or reaching a certain distance, Trekking Italia will send the user a discount code for online purchases of AKU footwear.

With Sentieri_Metropolitani, tourists and inhabitants can (re)discover the hidden sides of the city and create an active link with the territory, giving life to an extensive museum of urban memory. The actual users can also supplement the information being offered with suggestions of new routes and points of interest.

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Read the full article hereSentieri_Metropolitani Sentieri_Metropolitani is a project by Trekking Italia with support from Fondazione Cariplo and AKU.

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