From Budapest to Mount Neva

Training and product testing with MOUNTEX, the Hungarian outdoor specialists

Until the 1980s in some Central-Eastern European counties, many outdoor activities like mountaineering, were tied in part to the availability of the necessary gear in order to carry out that activity. Nevertheless, missing gear has never kept the most active mountain-lovers from making their dreams come true upon the most beautiful mountains on Earth. Among them were Sárközy András and Singer János, two strong Hungarian mountaineers who founded MOUNTEX and made their lengthy experience available to anyone in their country who loved adventure and life in the outdoors.

Today MOUNTEX is a chain made up of 9 stores for the outdoors and is known in Hungary as the most reliable source of equipment and clothing for mountain climbing and hiking. Besides this business, MOUNTEX also organizes professional training courses for companies, climbing and hiking courses with mountain guides, and designs and creates adventure parks with rock-climbing walls.

The sale of high quality, functional and low environmental impact products has always been an essential part of the MOUNTEX philosophy when choosing their suppliers. Since 2017 AKU has been present in MOUNTEX stores through their footwear, from hiking models to those for active leisure wear.

In order to make AKU better known, some MOUNTEX managers have recently visited the AKU factory in Montebelluna and have followed a training course followed by product testing. The testing took place over the course of two days of excursions on the Feltre Alps, in the National Dolomites Park in Belluno. On the first day the MOUNTEX staff reached the Bruno Box refuge (1718 m) in the Neva Alps, and the following day climbed to the summit on Mount Neva (2229 m) along a trail which allowed them to verify the versatility and comfort of the Tengu Low GTX and Tengu Lite GTX footwear, frontrunners of the AKU Trekking and Multiterrain line.

Singer Janó and Sárközy András (founder-owner by MOUNTEX) after having climbed El Captain (1987, Yosemite Valley, USA) and on the right one of the Mountex stores in Budapest.

Superalp NBK GTX
Trekker Lite III GTX
Slope GTX
Selvatica Mid GTX
Trekker Lite III GTX Ws
Selvatica Mid GTX Ws
Alterra GTX
Tengu Low GTX
Trekker Pro GTX
Alterra GTX Ws

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