Mountain men and legends

7 ottobre 2011 | AKU team

The Alpine world: it has always been the setting for fantastic legends handed down over the centuries by word of mouth.

AKU’s journey through the mountain world starts with this theme, for once offering an alternative although no less evocative vision to the conventional idea of the mountains as a privileged place for daring sporting feats.

Here then are some mythological creatures - hobbits, elves, rocks, animals or plants - which since time immemorial have roused the imagination of inhabitants of the valleys, appearing at sunset on the edges of the pink rocks of the Dolomites, at night in the silence of enchanted woods or in spring in small pools of water that form where the snow once lay.

It’s truly possible to meet these curiously named good spirits and walk with them and get lost with them just beyond the bounds of reality. All you need to do is give free reign to your imagination. The mountains do the rest.

The Carnival mask that is the symbol of Sappada, a mountain village in the far north of the Veneto region, on the border with Austria. This man, who comes down from the mountains wrapped in a bearskin, carries a broom in one hand, which he brandishes in a playfully threatening way.

Small women with goat’s feet, who live in the small mountain lakes and ponds. They can be found all over the Alps, perhaps under different names and guises. They are bewitching, seducing spirits. They arouse deep emotions in the travelers they meet.

Om Selvarech
Translated it means Wild Man, a legendary person who periodically appears in the environs of Rivamonte Agordino, a village in the Dolomites close to Agordo in the province of Belluno.
The shy and wary Om Selvarech is a creature of the woods, who comes to drive away the evil spirits from the village.

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