Michael Schott, father and Alpine guide

Michael Schott worked in Munich in Bavaria for fifteen years as a marketing and product manager with one of the leading hiking holiday firms on the German market. His CV boasts a diploma in chemistry and one in business studies in the tourism sector. But his true love lies with the mountains. Michael has been an Alpine guide for thirty years, a job he has always done alongside his "day" job.

He currently lives in Bolsterlang in Hörnerdörfer, in the southernmost corner of Bavaria, just a couple of kilometres north of Oberstdorf. Three years ago he and his wife came back to the mountains where he was born, they built a house and Max was born. Now Michael's main job is as an Alpine guide with the Oberstdorf Alpine School and he is also a freelance consultant for sports equipment manufacturers.

«I've loved living close to nature both in summer and winter for more than 40 years. I love the Alps. Here I can find all kinds of hiking and mountaineering right on my doorstep» says Michael. «The Alps are the ideal natural space to practise all the outdoor activities I've learnt to love over the past decades» Michael goes on to say. «Whether you enjoy rock climbing in the Dolomites, mountaineering in the Vallesi Alps, Alpine skiing or snowshoes, the easiest and best way to be free from the digital and automated world is to walk in the natural and cultural settings of the Alps and the mountains around the world».

Michael's experience in extreme and high altitude locations is vast and he is well aware that if you want to take up these activities, you need the appropriate technical skills, you have to be in good mental and physical shape and, last but not least, you have to give yourself a holiday.

«Compared to high-altitude expeditions or climbing great rock faces, hiking is the only way of getting away from it all. You can devote a bit of time to yourself and your thoughts and you are surrounded by nature» explains Michael.

«You can set off for a hike directly from your front door; in the sun, rain, snow or storm, thanks to the equipment available today, you can enjoy a genuine, sustainable experience even when you are pushed for time. At the moment the best way for me is to take my son Max in the morning and stay out until late. If he's tired, he can sleep under a tree or in his child carrier. If the footpath is interesting, he loves walking and discovering everything that smells, sounds, feels and moves differently from anything he has known up to now».

Max sits near his father and his eyes are suddenly drawn by a snow bird flying in the sky. «I wish we could all see the small things through a child's eyes. Hiking in the Alps is the best way to enjoy this experience»: wise words from father and Alpine guide Michael Schott.

info: https://www.explore-share.com/mountain-guide/michael-schott/

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