The taste of wild Dolomites


AKU product training and test dates are back this year. Last week we were at the Belluno Dolomites National Park in Val di Zoldo to accompany some footwear sector specialists from Mountex, the largest Hungarian group for outdoor equipment and owners of the Belgian shops called Alpi Sport and Running Store Duffele.

After visiting the AKU factory in Montebelluna, the group moved on to Fornesighe in Val di Zoldo, and the following day along the first part of the Alta Via Belluno Dolomites towards the Casel Sora al Sass Refuge or the Angelini Refuge (1588m), and to the nearby Belvedere, an outstanding panoramic terrace looking out on Mount Pelmo and Civetta.

The excursion was a chance to test the new Tengu Lite GTX models, directly in the places where they were designed to be used. These models were recently inserted by Mountex in their line of AKU footwear available in their shops.

For those who wish to reach Casel Sora al Sass Refuge there are three alternatives:

 the path we followed along path 525-534, leaving from Castelaz (a 10 minute car ride from Forno di Zoldo 996m), taking 1 ½ to 1 ¾ hours to walk;

 from the center of Forno di Zoldo in Baròn (851m), path 534, taking 1 ¾ to 2 hours to walk;

 for expert hikers with an entire day available we suggest starting at the Anello Zoldano. From Forno di Zoldo you start on CAI path 531 until reaching Casera Col Marsang, then follow path 532 which crosses the heart of the Spiz de Mezzodì and in 5-6 hours you will have reached the Casel Sora al Sass Refuge.

From the Refuge, to get back to Val Pramper and Forno di Zoldo, you can descend by path 514 where you can find an equipped segment just for expert hikers with suitable climbing equipment.

Hayatsuki GTX

New model

Tengu GTX

New color

Trekker Pro GTX

New color

Tengu Low GTX

New color

Selvatica Mid GTX
Alterra Lite Mid GTX

New model

Alterra Lite GTX

New model

Selvatica GTX Ws
Alterra Lite Mid GTX Ws

New model

Alterra Lite GTX Ws

New model

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