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Day on the ice with Ingo in Upper Val Badia

— text aku team, photos Paola Finali / march 2016

Ingo IrsaraVal Badia is heaven on earth for frozen waterfall climbing enthusiasts. The conditions are almost always perfect in winter and even later on because of its geographical location and high altitude.

Ice climbing is a sport that combines both mountaineering and rock climbing. To climb frozen waterfalls it is essential to have the right equipment and be physically fit. Footwear for example, must have specific characteristics. A boot suitable for ice climbing should be made of hard-wearing, water-proof and breathable materials, be comfortable, above the ankle and have optimum insulation. The sole must give maximum support and torsion rigidity as well as being crampon compatible. The Serai GTX mountaineering and high altitude boot has all these features and stands out for its lightness (840 grams per boot) making it one of the lightest boots in its category.

To climb in safety using the right technique, it is strongly advisable to be accompanied by an alpine guide. Ingo Irsara, alpine guide and ski instructor, was born in Val Badia and knows every nook and cranny of the rocks where water flows and which transforms into an ice flow in winter. Some of these waterfalls are secret places that Ingo shares with his friends and clients that, like him, love this beautiful valley and ice climbing.

971_108 SERAI GTX


Technical crampon-compatible footwear for mountain climbing and activities in high elevation. Robust and durable thanks to its upper Kevlar core and Primaloft thermal insulating lining. Comfortable fit and precise. Suitable for use on rock and ice falls. Compatible with automatic locking crampons.

AKU’s mountaineering sector expands with SERAI GTX. It was met with immediate success by connoisseurs due to its sober, appealing design and high level technical features. Its lightness is particularly appreciated at only 840 gr. through the use of materials like Liba Smart polyurethane for edging and a mixed carbon-fibre, cellular aluminium and microporous eva structured lasting insole.

Thermal insulation is guaranteed by using Primaloft lining and a Gore-Tex Insulated Comfort membrane. The tread is a classic VIBRAM NEPAL.

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