text by Teddy Soppelsa; photo by Roberto De Pellegrin and Lorenzo Kleinschmidt

A 7 day walk in the heart of the wildest Dolomites

We’re in the Southern part of the province of Belluno, within the Belluno Dolomites National Park, which the high route crosses completely from North to South. The formation of this path seems to follow the nature of these mountains, mountains which require time and perseverance in order to know and love. The path, born from the idea of connecting the most precious natural areas of the Park had remained forgotten, until last year, when a youth group from the CAI (Italian Alpine Club) of Feltre discovered it and fell in love. Around this they created a project, involving the Park, CAI and those running the refuges, all of whom wanted to use their experience to bring it back to life.

Through digital communication tools the goal of the project is to bring the mountains of the Belluno Dolomites National Park to the attention of excursionists who are looking for an authentic trekking experience in the wild nature, just a few steps away from the more human-trodden Dolomites, accepting the discomfort, the struggle and the limits.

The path starts from Forno di Zoldo, the most Northern point of the Park and crosses the following groups: Prampèr ¬ Mezzodì, Talvéna, and Schiara. It descends towards the Cordévole valley, around the wild and almost impenetrable Monti del Sole and at the height of the Mis Valley it rises to a leveling point near the Piani Eterni, until under the Dolomite peaks of the Cimónega. The last two legs wind along the back of the Vette Feltrine, until they descend towards Feltre, the Southern door of the Park, where the High Route ends.

In the first part of the path the scenery is typical of the Dolomites: steep slopes leading to meadows, basins dug by glaciers, and grassy, rocky and rugged peaks. In the second part, other than the Mis Valley, Dolimite and pre-Alps aspects blend wonderfully with an absolutely extraordinary environment in contact with precious nature, enriched by the mysterious fascination of places where myths and popular legends hide.

The different steps and rest points are flexible. In order to complete the entire path of approximately 108 km with an average of 6 hours of walking per day, one needs 7 days. The path winds along well marked paths, identified by the CAI signs, and for almost 2/3 of it, it treads the path of the famous Dolomite High Routes n.1 and n.2.

The project has been developed with the contribution of the Belluno Dolomites National Park and in collaboration with the CAI sections of Agordo, Belluno, Longarone, Oderzo, Val di Zoldo, and Feltre. Of utmost importance was the contribution of three important companies from the outdoor sector: AKU, Ferrino and Karpos.

Since a few months ago a detailed website has been available: Here you can organize every detail of your hike on the Belluno Dolomites High Route.

(Teddy Soppelsa, in 1994 he came up with the idea of the TransParco, from which the actual Belluno Dolomites High Route took shape)

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