Alpine Visions and Visionaries

— 7 ottobre 2011 | AKU team

Small landscapes express the evocative power of the alpine scenery. 
A dimension at the same time modest and majestic, calm and dramatic, idyllic and incredible. 
In a sequence of colours, light and shade, the sceneries change and adopt each time delicate watercolour shade or the rude and distinct shade of a charcoal sketch. 

Climbing up the bright fields of the valley line, leaves space to the bare fields and then to the severe rocks hit by the sun, that all of a sudden change to deep gorge or are lost between the ices (no longer) eternal at high altitude. 

On the mountains, since long time, rests with equal respect the visionary spirit of the artist that pictures them and the enchanted stare of each man, with it’s anxiety of conquest. 
Easily the human element blends with nature, in a game of original and elegant visions, enthusiastically creations and fearless experiences. Always new and always different.

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