Adventure Awards Days
the international festival of advenutre and exploration
in Garda Trentino from the 21st to the 23rd April 2017

With AKU in the main square of Arco at the Adventure Awards Days Village and on stage.
Meetings with explorers and sportsmen, book launches, technical events; from the 21st to the 23rd April 2017.

Adventure Awards Days, the international festival of adventure and exploration is going to be at Arco and in Garda Trentino  for it's sixth edition, to be held from the 21st to the 23rd of April.
Nature as a place to escape and research, the outdoors as a passion, leisure as a desire to get out of the ordinary.
This is the philosophy of the festival which has established itself over the years as a reference for all those who share a certain lifestyle.
It's not the extreme sport, it's not the perfomance, it's not a race and it's not to exceed the limits. Adventure is an experience for everyone, l'outdoor is inspiration, exploration is desire to see the world through different eyes.

The Adventure Awards Days are an opportunity to reach out and immerse yourself in a real world, drinking a beer with the great explorers, running in the woods along with those who have crossed the hottest deserts and the coldest lands, pedaling with those who have traveled riding around the world, listening to the stories of a contemporary adventurer, learning to take pictures of those who has gathered in his eyes and turned them into images in the dream worlds, listening, knowing and sharing a passion.

The ideal place for those who love active holidays, the big event dedicated to the outdoor culture is back.


Venerdì 21 aprile

Aperitivo di inaugurazione
Adventure international film festival con ospiti

Saturday 22nd of April

Adventure Bike Day
Yoga for bikers
Base Camp Night with bike packing workshop
Trekking and concert at sunset of Daughters and sons
Arco Rock Star
Village life: meetings with adventurers, athletes and explorers, book presentations, meeting with the outdoor and disability theme
Adventure International Film festival with the guests

Sunday 23rd of April

Trail running experience
Run for fun: great athletes run (and explore) with children
Yoga for runners
Storytelling Workshop
Workshop: photographing nature
Arco Rock Star
Village life: workshop of outdoor cooking, meeting with the runners
Adventure Awards Night
Closure Party

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