Sales Policy

Terms and conditions
1. Booking and Purchase
2. Product availability and price
3. Payment terms
4. Delivery and courier fees
5. Duty and import taxes
6. Right of withdrawal
7. Applicable law and jurisdiction
8. Warranty
9. Registered Trademarks

1. Booking and purchase

Place your orders by accessing the e-shop found in the Sales Area (catalogue) on our website. Each product which can be purchased is visible on a photo accompanied by a description and its price according to the country which it will be delivered to. You can chose and book any of the products found within the e-shop. Once you have selected the specific product all you have to do is chose the quantity and confirm. All the confirmed products will be placed in your shopping cart.
Anything within the shopping cart can be changed or cancelled.
Confirm your purchase by:
a. Signing in with your email and password if you have your registered account
b. Registering your account by filling in the given form
c. Proceeding without registering your account until the necessary information will be requested.
Once you receive the “Order Confirmation Form” from Carlicantus S.r.l., either by email or fax, the order is acknowledged and confirmed. Order confirmations are sent out within two working days from the receipt of the order.
Calicantus S.r.l. may refuse to accept an order at its own discretion if the given information is incorrect or unreliable (wrong or partial payment details, wrong invoicing information, wrong or incomplete shipping address, for example), or if mistakes have been found on the purchased Products (wrong price, no availability or Product description, for example).
All information found on the Catalogue is as correct and updated as possible, anyway the Website content cannot be taken as a binding representation or declaration of the Products. All pictures, descriptions and drawings aim to describe the product but since colours depend on the monitor you are using, these could be different to the Products delivered.

2. Product availability and price
The price of each item is inclusive of VAT (value added tax) and in the given currency excluding shipment costs. Shipment fees depend on the chosen delivery service, quantity of products shipped, volume and weight of the shipment as well as the place of delivery. Therefore these will be given when purchasing and on the “Order Confirmation Form”.
All the Products found on our e-shop are available in stock. If for any unforeseen reason should we encounter a delay in delivering the order or if any Product is temporarily out of stock, you will be informed immediately by email.
Calicantus S.r.l. delivers to all countries foreseen during registration. In any case we could encounter difficulties regarding custom problems for the purchased products. In this case the Customer will be informed immediately via email and reimbursed right after that.

3. Payment terms
The customer can pay through:
a. Paypal accounts
b. Paypal linked Credit Cards
c. Bank Transfer
d. Cash on delivery (only for deliveries to Italian addresses)
Calicantus S.r.l.
Via Abate Tommaso, 43
30020 Quarto d’Altino (Venezia), Italia
Fax: +39 0422 828774

4. Delivery and Courier Fees
All orders placed by the Customer and confirmed by Calicantus S.r.l., will be shipped by Express Courier (national and international) to the Customer’s given shipping address. A shipment contribution fee, according to the country of shipment, will be applied to your order and it will be specified on the “Order Confirmation Form”.
Only once the full payment of the order has been registered by Calicantus S.r.l. will the shipment take place.
Delivery costs may depend on volume and weight of the shipment and can have a minimum standard cost of 6.50 € for the national deliveries (Italy). 
Aku and its eShop Partner Calicantus may apply discounted delivery fees as well as the delivery-free service to support commercial activities, describing the new delivery conditions into the web site and during the order check out.

Deliveries in Italy take approximately 4 – 5 working days from the date of shipment, and 6 – 7 working days to countries within the European Union. While for deliveries to countries outside the EU, the average is 8 – 9 working days from the date of shipment. Shipments are made from Mondays to Fridays. The customer will be informed by email if there is any change to the above timing.

5. Duty and import taxes
The products are not subject to any duty or import tax if  sold and delivered to Italy or any other country within the European Union.
For deliveries made to countries outside the European Union, the products could be subject to duty and/or import taxes according to the product and country of delivery. There is no means we can foresee which and what fees could be requested for custom clearance. Kindly refer to your local customs office for more information.
In all cases, fees arising from import taxes and/or duty will be due by the customer.

6. Right of withdrawal
The Customer has the right to withdraw from the purchase, without giving any reason, within 14 working days from the day the purchased products are delivered.
The right of withdrawal can be expressed by telegram, email or fax, within the above period. The customer will have to pay the return shipment costs. In order to perform the right of withdrawal, the product has to be returned undamaged,  exactly how it has been delivered, in its original packaging and after having received confirmation from Calicantus S.r.l.
The goods have to be shipped back by prepaid Insured Postal Package Service to AKU Italia Srl, Via Schiavonesca Priula, 65, 31044 Montebelluna (TV) - Italy. Calicantus S.r.l. will refuse any package shipped freight collect.
Reimbursement of the returned product, at the invoiced amount, will take place within 30 days after receipt of the product directly to the Customer’s bank account by bank transfer.
Any damaged, incomplete, broken or dirty product due to the Customer will not be reimbursed and will in no case give the right to the reimbursement of the full amount of the purchased product.
In case the return is due to an error committed by Calicantus S.r.l. , all shipment fees will be paid by the seller, in all other cases shipment fees will be paid by the buyer.

7. Applicable law and jurisdiction.
All performed contracts will be governed by and construed in accordance with Italian law.

8. Warranties
The customer has the right to return a wrong item (different to what is visible on the e-shop) or a damaged one, within 60 days from the date of purchase. Customers can claim any faulty product within 2 years from the date of purchase to the Warranty Office.

Aku Italia Srl (the manufacturer) warranties each product for a 2 year term from the date of purchase for any defect and noncompliance. For any claim occurring during this period, Calicantus S.r.l. (the seller) will see to repairing (according to Aku Italia Srl’s judgement) or substituting the product, or its parts, according to the below guidelines.  The Customer will not be charged for any parts or materials used for the repair. The Manufacturer reserves the right to decide whether to repair faulty products or substitute them with new ones – in a different colour, with the same or better characteristics, in case the original product should no longer be available.

The proof of purchase (invoice or bill) has to be submitted with the product when returned for claim to Calicantus S.r.l. The Manufacturer reserves the right to refuse any claim during the warranty term if the proof of purchase is not available, incomplete or unreadable.

9. Registered Trademarks
Each product name and technology term found on this website are registered trademarks belonging to Aku Italia S.r.l. or to partner companies. It is forbidden to copy, use or modify these trademarks, any picture, drawing or logo for any reason. and in any way. without prior consent expressed in writing by Aku Italia S.r.l. and will therefore be pursued.


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Badia GTX

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