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AKU presents the PrimAscesa docufilm
The mountain created by man

PrimAscesa is a film that contains many souls, more or less beautiful, but perhaps none of these can be defined as fantastic. PrimAscesa is in fact a work of denunciation, a deep and heartfelt reflection, a fun and light parody. It is a journey into the collective unconscious, a poem dedicated to future generations, a distant but clear image of what we are facing, it is a bitter fruit. It is above all a set of people, improvised actors and directors and production excellence, professionals of all kinds and willing friends.

The plot of the film is very simple. Two mountaineers looking for the last unclimbed peak to climb and descend on skis realize that there is nothing left in the world to explore. Thus they venture on a landfill, discovering step by step a world that has always been closed to their sight. So they climb the ugliest and most smelly mountain, turning their curious and almost childlike gaze to the mountain that no one wants to see, the one created by man himself.

The film is also tiring for the viewer. The director, Leonardo Panizza, wanted to bring into the room a world that disgusts us and that we tend to deny. The viewer is thus called to undertake not to look away, he too must put a little effort to get to the top and understand that that mountain that seems to be made of earth is actually the mountain of garbage that he himself contributes to increasing the day after day. It is not easy to accept this accusation, fortunately Simon and Giovanni with their lightness and irony carry us by the hand into this nightmare, always coming out of it, who knows how, with a smile.

PrimAscesa participated in this latest edition of the Trento Film Festival and won the CinemAMoRE Award, assigned to the best work of the Orizzonti Vicini section, dedicated to films produced or shot in Trentino Alto Adige. The film will now be distributed in hundreds of national and international festivals and, in parallel, through self-powered projections from the Ciclocinema bicycle system that will allow a zero-impact screening.

CinemAMoRE Award / 69th Trento Film Festival
evaluation of the jury

Leonardo Panizza’s film deals with very topical issues with an original and never paternalistic approach, suitable for raising awareness even among the younger generations. The characters, charismatic and entertaining, convey the message in an alternative and effective way and face a paradoxical ascent, almost an artistic performance, showing however techniques and procedures typical of mountaineering up to the conquest of the summit.

Litter in the mountains is unacceptable, but also one
mountain of waste it is!

With this lapidary phrase, the PrimAscesa docufilm closes, which narrates the exceptional ascent of one of the last untouched peaks in the world: a mountain of waste, the one that each of us contributes to create every day.
The reduction of raw material consumption and the reuse of excess components otherwise destined for landfill are two principles at the center of AKU’s interest, from which projects and initiatives are born that have as their purpose the testimony of a responsible commitment of the company in ‘area of low-impact production and solidarity relationships with the community.
In this sense, the presence of AKU is justified as a partner of the project born on the initiative of Leonardo Panizza, a psychologist passionate about mountaineering and hiking independently with zero impact, who has always been involved in environmental issues.

“The reduction of raw material consumption and the reuse of excess components otherwise destined for landfill, are two principles at the center of AKU’s interest”

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The favorite shoes of Leonardo, Simon and Giovanni.


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