• The Trento crown


The strange feeling of being on the road for days but always just around the corner

We leave home on a hot summer morning.

When you go to the mountains, everyone tries to overcome a limit. It can be geographical, physical, mental. For this project, on the contrary, we have imposed the limit. Along the lines of the quarantine restrictions, in which it was possible to move only within one’s own municipality, we decided to walk the peaks that surround Trento, the city in which we live. The limit we set not to exceed was:

1) on every peak we always had to see Trento;
2) do not use any means of transport.

We leave home on a hot summer morning, in 3 days we reach 6 peaks for a total of 58 km with a positive difference in height of over 4500 meters. Also for this trek we have chosen to be autonomous for the preparation of the food and the vegetables used in the drying process were self-produced.

In climbing the peaks on which we have walked hundreds of times the feeling is strange, the people we meet talk to us as if we were tourists because of our big backpacks and in fact this is how we feel. We cross a small river where we regenerate with a frozen bath and then on the next peak we admire the city from a different perspective. You hear the echo of the valley, with its highway, its trains, like a rumbling of a belly that engulfs and devours any thought that tries to escape it.

We like the idea of re-appropriating these places.

We decide to spend the night at the foot of the Chegul cross, because the wind is strong at the top. The next day, after having covered a ridge that allows us to have a look at the Valsugana, we find ourselves having to cross the valley. Here we come up against the limit of concrete, roundabouts, roads that cannot be covered on foot. Fortunately, the stretch is short but we realize how compartmented the experience we normally live when we leave for a hike in the mountains is.

On this trek, however, starting on foot from home, we cancel the approach and the feeling is fantastic. It allows us to rethink the path as a path that crosses towns, roads and cities, it seems to us to experience the territory in its entirety, without leaving empty, non-viable points on the map. We like the idea of re-appropriating these places, making them more human with our passage, people smiling at us, perceiving the fact that there is something paradoxical in the impossibility of crossing the valley if not climbing over the guard rails and walking on board. Street.
Passing the Adige valley, we now find ourselves in an area beaten by bears. We realize how confined they too are, unable to cross a valley made above all of roads, railway lines, ring roads.

We feel to have been around for months.

Early in the morning we get up and begin to climb towards the last peak, the Palon del Bondone which exceeds 2000 meters. The old path we decide to take is swallowed up by vegetation and climbs straight up for 1800 meters in altitude and we realize how much we had underestimated the length of the trek. We are exhausted, perhaps also due to the very high temperatures. The descent towards Trento takes us through the ski slopes, dotted with snow cannons and street lamps for night skiing. We are returning to the city and we notice it from the growing noise. We cross the center of Trento, eat an ice cream and then a last climb up to the hill from which we started.

Once home it seems to have been around for months, I’m curious to know if the tomatoes are ripe and if the nocino has already turned dark. We eat together with friends who welcome us like pioneers, curious to know how it went, even if we hadn’t even returned from a demanding ascent in the Dolomites.
There is a strong feeling in us that we have remained far from the city, yet so close without ever taking our eyes off him.

3 days

6 peaks
60 kilometers

4500 mt eight drop +

Self production food and zero waste

During the lockdown, places known or always taken for granted suddenly became inaccessible and the curiosity to rediscover them becomes for Elisa and Leonardo the project for a new adventure.
Thus was born the Corona di Trento, a ring route that from the center of Trento connects all the peaks that overlook the city for a total of 60 km and 4500 meters of elevation gain. And always “with the strange feeling of being on the road for days without ever losing sight of home”.


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My favorite AKU

To complete the entire path of the Crown of Trento, Elisa and Leonardo used the AKU ALTERRA LITE GTX model.


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