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We want to inspire you to become active and enjoy the outdoors

It’s Great Out There is a program conceived and coordinated by EOG – European Outdoor Industry – the international association of companies in the outdoor sector, which has among its aims the sensitization of European political institutions towards the adoption of regulatory measures aimed at promoting practice of physical activity, sports and free time in contact with nature.
An initiative that was born on the basis of awareness of the growing problems for health and social discomfort that is manifesting itself in the younger generations due to the progressive reduction of active time in contact with the natural environment. This combined, on the other hand, with the constant increase in the time of physical inactivity indoors, especially in large metropolitan areas, which particularly affects children and young people of school age. In response to this situation, EOG called the member companies of the association to action, stimulating them to promote initiatives on a local basis aimed at involving individuals, families or organized groups, with the aim of providing socio-educational experiences and pure leisure in contact with the environment.

Since 2018 AKU has joined the It’s Great Out There program with the following initiatives:


The Trek with donkeys and one of the most popular events of the Cammina con i Gufi which takes place in September in Cesio Maggiore in the Belluno Dolomites National Park. Trek with donkeys is an easy and educational excursion, suitable for children and adults. The donkey is the ideal companion for children’s excursions: it is gentle and intelligent, it loves to be stroked, it walks with a regular and slow pace, it aggregates and involves and brings joy to the group. During the excursion, children can interact with these good and affectionate animals through educational activities.

ORME 2019

ORME is a project dedicated to walking, to discovering nature at a slow pace, dedicated to culture and emotions that often flourish just when you get away from the frenzy of our life and find the rhythm in your step. An event that takes place on the trails of the Fai della Paganella plateau, bringing music, flavors, theater, art and much more into the woods.


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