Elica is an integrated system consisting of LAST - INSOLE BOARD - MIDSOLE - OUTSOLE which faithfully follows the anatomical shape of the sole of the foot and adapts to normal heel and forefoot inclination to reduce impact and strain.

Laboratory tests certify that footwear with Elica, compared to traditional footwear,
guarantees a more even distribution of foot pressure.

The tests highlight:
- a more even distribution of pressure during the entire stance phase
- a more central load at mid stance
- better arch support during midstance and lower pressure during the toe-off phase.

The insole board is inclined outwards to support heel strike, while in the external heel area the shock absorber is thicker in order to better absorb the impact. The asymmetric tread design aligned with the axis of stance and the elongated lugs increase the contact surface area.

The insole board is inclined to support the natural toe-off. The internal front part of the midsole consists of shock-absorbing material to distribute the push-off force. The lugs on the tread located on the inner part of the shoe are protruding outwards to increase the contact surface area.

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