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Making a last is a long, painstaking process and for AKU represents years of experience in the design and production of top quality footwear.

The original AKU last is the matrix, the fruit of constant research into shaping the sole to provide anatomical support. Specific adaptations have given rise to various types of last, which differ according to the models and the specific use for which the product has been designed. There are narrow, elongated lasts for professional footwear in the MOUNTAIN segment designed to enhance precision and sensitivity in rock climbing. Wraparound, anatomical lasts are used for the TREKKING segment footwear, designed to offer stability and help dynamic action when walking on the very uneven, rough ground of mountain tracks. Soft, snug lasts are used for footwear in the ACTIVE segment, designed for light outdoor activities on undemanding, level grounds.

The wrapping and fitted lasts of those models belonging to our Mountain cluster will guarantee the needed accuracy and perception for ice and rock climbing.

A wrap-around and anatomical fit for footwear in the Trekking segment, designed to provide stability and encourage a dynamic action when walking on mountain trails over very rough terrain.

Precise, slightly curved lasts for footwear in the Backpacking and Multiterrain segment, designed for a dynamic use on medium difficulty terrain or more demanding on technical surfaces.

Specifically developed lasts for Women’s feet, a cozy and wrapping shape which gives stability and comfort on uneven mountain trails.

Soft and comfy lasts for footwear in the Mountain Inspired segment, designed for light outdoor activities, in undemanding conditions. 

Anatomical shapes that perfectly match the child's foot
ensuring young hikers a comfortable fit in every situation.

Hayatsuki GTX

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Tengu GTX

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Trekker Pro GTX

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Tengu Low GTX

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Selvatica Mid GTX
Alterra Lite Mid GTX

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Alterra Lite GTX

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Selvatica GTX Ws
Alterra Lite Mid GTX Ws

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Alterra Lite GTX Ws

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