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Christian Heil has been trading for 28 years and, as a trained business administrator and business administrator, has specialized in hardware and shoes. Since the beginning of 2016, he and his trading agency have been responsible for representing AKU. He loves exercise in the great outdoors, both mountain walking and running. And skiing in winter. Christian is also a passionate photographer and takes pictures at weddings and event city tours. Here you can admire his work: https://munichpixart.com

Where does your connection to AKU come from and how long have you been working for the brand?
My connection to AKU has existed since 2016. This is where I started representing the AKU brand and got to know and appreciate the company. Since then, the relationship between my trading agency and AKU has grown steadily.

In your opinion, what distinguishes the AKU brand and its products?
The AKU brand is characterized by its long-term, customer-oriented and partnership-based cooperation with both customers and agents. Nowadays, the short paths to decisions are no longer possible in all companies and sometimes even wanted. At AKU you can always reach the right people and positions. You can tell that AKU attaches great importance to personal, intensive and partnership-based contact with all customers. This is also maintained and intensified in some cases for many years and even decades. But dealing with nature and more environmentally friendly production is an important topic for AKU, which is in the foreground and is constantly being expanded. AKU has consistently pursued this topic for many years in order to leave a nature to the following generations that still makes the outdoor experience possible.
The products are characterized above all by the high quality standards, the Italian craftsmanship, but also the sustainable production method. These aspects together with an Italian design and an excellent fit for Central European feet.
The variety of products for everyone and for every terrain leaves nothing to be desired.

Which AKU model is your personal favorite shoe and why?
So far, my favorite mountaineering boot has been the Yatumine GTX, which I’ve used on a number of mountaineering tours. But at the moment the Rock DFS GTX shines with its multifunctionality for almost all mountain experiences. Due to its hold in the sole, but also due to its low weight, it has now become my top companion in the alpine area.
In my leisure time, I prefer to wear the Minima. It looks very good and is absolutely comfortable. This shoe is characterized by its sustainable production method and its style. You are always well-shod with the Minima.

Do you often go to Italy and spend your holidays there? And if so, where?
In normal years I am mostly in Italy two or three times. I prefer to spend my vacation in South Tyrol, more precisely in Sexten. Here you have everything a hiker, mountaineer and mountaineer could desire. From beautiful nature hikes with gentle hills over high mountains that invite you to go hiking (Drei Zinnen) to high alpine climbing tours, you will always find something that is fun.

What makes the Italy vacation special? Is there something here that cannot be found anywhere else?
For me, South Tyrol is simply a wonderful piece of earth that I really enjoy moving around. Here I find peace very quickly and, above all, I can relax very well after a very short time. Whether on a hike or in the hotel by the pool. The hospitality, but also the regional food and a nice bottle of red wine are the icing on the cake.

Why are the Rock DFS GTX and Ultralight models perfect for a varied holiday?
With both the Rock DFS GTX and the Ultralight you are equipped for a lot of what you can do in the mountains. Whether cozy paths in the forest or something more rocky terrain.
My wife chose the Ultralight Original because this shoe is both very light and stable enough for the mountain. The grippy sole gives her a secure grip and step in every situation. The shoe is also so comfortable that you can just go for a walk with it on forest paths.
It’s the same with the Rock DFS GTX. I prefer to wear the low-cut version. Due to its weight and fit, it is almost imperceptible. Basically, I was very convinced of this shoe even before my first practical check, but after my tours I have to say that the shoe is even better than I initially suspected. The grippy sole did not allow any sliding movement even on wet, slippery and rocky underground structures. The DFS lacing gave me very good contact with the ground and gave me a stable feeling even on demanding passages.

How did you survive the first year of the pandemic? What are you currently hoping for?
The first year of the pandemic hit me a lot, as all of my dealers were forced to close their businesses and my agency’s sales have plummeted as a result. Furthermore, I also lacked personal contact with my dealers. The meetings – if there were any – took place almost exclusively digitally, which pretty much isolated you in your own world. That was a difficult time, which I hope is as good as over.

At the moment I am very hopeful that we will all survive this pandemic together in good health. I am also hopeful that you can share wonderful experiences with friends, family and acquaintances again.

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