Shoot the adventure with Viaggi Fotografici

Viaggi Fotografici is a tour operator that organizes photography workshops around the world. Each destination is carefully chosen and nothing is left to chance, in order to offer participants the best possible experience. During the trips, participants have the opportunity to meet new people who share their same interests and to devote themselves completely to their passion, without haste, with all the time necessary to observe and photograph every spectacle of nature.

The trip is always guided by a professional photographer who is able to convey photographic techniques to the participants that are difficult to learn in textbooks or in theoretical training courses.

In addition to photography “in the field”, Viaggi Fotografici organizes workshops and training courses in the classroom.

The Viaggi Fotografici travel staff is made up of professionals with specific skills in the various aspects of photography: from the landscape architect to the reporter, from the post-production nerd to the naturalist, passing through night photography, macro photography, etc., an assortment for every taste. They are professionals who love to have fun while doing what they love, all different but with one thing in common: they walk and travel with AKU footwear.

The Viaggi Fotografici team collaborates with AKU as photographers, storytellers and product testers.

“Traveling is like dreaming, the difference is that not everyone remembers something when they wake up, while everyone keeps the memory of the destination from which they returned warm”
-Edgar Allan Poeoe

Our footwear

The AKU shoes preferred by Photo Travel must be robust, comfortable and waterproof.


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