Silvio Carrieri

Interpreter, storyteller and hiker of the Italian Southern Lands

Describing our ambassador is no easy task, but never more than in this case does his name help us, Silvio, that means: ‘someone who lives in the woods, in the forests’.
Walker, storyteller, curious observer. These three characteristics, united together and brought to the Italian regions of Calabria and Basilicata, make Silvio an interpreter of the territory, a guide who can make a place appear to us in its clearest and fullest light, make a space generate emotions and thoughts.

His hiking in the ‘Mediterranean lands‘ are under the banner of slow sport, immersed in nature but with a keen eye on the relationship between man and land. Not only in the sense of safeguarding and protection but also in the ‘generative’ sense. It is in the relationship between places and people that culture is born, also in this relationship we read history and, always within this environmental and environmentalist horizon, that we can plan the future.

Silvio’s many years of experience in environmental tourism led him to want to share with his fellow travellers the cultural roots of the highlands of the Pollino, roots that energise these places rich in art and tradition. It is precisely on the road as a philosophy of life, on a slow walk, where one can best admire and enjoy a thousand-year-old tree, an ancient Roman road, a marvellous panorama or listen to the story of an ancient noblewoman while, having just finished our daily hike, enjoying a dish of ‘lagane e ceci’ (tipical pasta with chickpeas) and drinking a Saracen Muscat.

“I am a hiker by trade, I am a curious observer and explorer by passion, I am a storyteller by vocation.”

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