• Peter Moser

In my activity as a mountain guide I have known many mountains, but every time I gladly return to the Lagorai, here I find a tranquility, a different air than other valleys.

Peter Moser is a mountaineer, mountain guide and mountain athlete with a versatile profile, able to express himself at high levels in any mountaineering context. His first ascent at the age of 12 on the Vajolet Towers with his uncle and then is a succession of dozens and dozens of ascents first on the great classic routes of the Dolomites and the Western Alps then on the more challenging and ambitious itineraries.
He became an alpine guide very young, at only twenty years old, shortly after he was called to be part of the High Mountain Military Group of the Army Sports Center, a five-year experience that allowed him to increase his athletic and mountaineering training, as well as in sport climbing and ski mountaineering, his great passion, practiced from a very young age at a competitive level.
His curriculum includes repetitions of sporting itineraries even higher than 8c, climbs to the great Norths, hundreds of routes in the Dolomites and throughout the Alps, numerous first openings both on rock and on ice.

Since 2019 Peter Moser has been collaborating with AKU as a tester and consultant in the development of mountaineering footwear.

“In February 2020, in 15 days, Peter Moser united over 200 peaks above 2000 meters in a long journey in the Lagorai-Cima d’Asta. A great adventure within nature and within yourself”

My favorite AKU

For mountain activities as an alpine guide and athlete Peter Moser uses different footwear: AKU HAYATSUKI GTX at high altitude and in winter environments, while AKU SELVATICA GTX for light activities at low altitude.


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