• Oscar
    Alemán Milán

Oscar is a high mountain guide, fond of Pyrenean cartography and geography

Oscar Aleman Milan is a Mountain and Ski Mountaineering Guide who works in the Pyrenees and the Alps. His activity in the mountains ranges from simple accompaniment to challenging exploratory missions to support scientific research in the geological and geographical field. For some time now, Oscar has been supporting his driving activity with an intense training activity, organizing courses at various levels in the field of mountain safety, snow science, ski mountaineering and working as a teacher at ETEVA, the Training School for Sports Technicians of the Val d ‘Aran.

Òscar collaborates with AKU as a product tester.

“I am very lucky, I can have fun in the mountains, both in technical and difficult activities, and in fun and family activities”

My favorite AKU

Òscar Alemán Milán’s favorite shoes are the AUK Trekker Pro GTX and AKU Selvatica GTX.


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