Hiking to immerse yourself
in Nature

Mary, Marta, Paola and Elena are four Naturalistic Environmental Guides, members of AIGAE (Italian association for Environmental Guide). Together they are NaturalMenteGuide® and have been working for several years in the field of nature education and environmental accompaniment.
What they have in common is their desire to convey their interest in small things, their attention to detail and their curiosity in discovering their surroundings. Their excursions go to discover the mountain territory from Monte Grappa to the Cansiglio Forest and Alpago in northern Italy. Their interest does not stop in the mountains but descends to the beautiful hilly and flat areas of the Veneto region.
Our NaturalMenteGuide® partners, in addition to excursions, offer various outdoor activities including Slow Lama, trails with the beautiful animals of South America, team building days to foster team spirit and educational activities with schools. The commitment that animates them is always to get to know new places, to enjoy the environment that surrounds us, to see the animals and plants that live there. Always on tiptoe, with respect… because Nature must be known, loved and protected.

“Walking in a forest encourages positive thoughts and makes us happy!”
Quing Li, Japanese doctor


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