• Loris Giuriatti

Writing, walking, acting

and telling our story

Loris is an environmental hiking guide specialising in historical routes dedicated to the Great War.

His passion for the history of the First World War makes him an exceptional and engaging storyteller and entertainer, able to fascinate young and old with his emotional tales full of anecdotes and curiosities. His work as a guide and ‘storyteller’, as he likes to call himself, is carried out mainly on Mount Grappa, the Holy Mountain, the theatre of the last year of the conflict, which he also recounts in a television programme entitled ‘I’ll take you to the mountains’.

During the summer period, he organises treks to take visitors to reflect along the trenches and battlefields, and during the winter, with snowshoes, it accompanies his guests to discover the beauty and silence of the Grappa forests.

His storytelling skills gave rise to a cultural project called ‘What a Story’, the ambitious idea of combining our history with outdoor activities, culture and personal training for young people, adults and ambitious companies. As a popular writer, he has published several novels with the aim of telling history to young people. His most famous book, L’Angelo del Grappa (Rizzoli editions) is considered a publishing case. He collaborates with local TV and radio stations as host or author of cultural, historical and environmental content.

“I love my work and would like to pass on my passions and skills to others”

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