La Val, the Ladin village on the Alpine meadows. First Hiking Village in South Tyrol.

At 1,348 m (4,422 ft) above sea level, lies La Val, embedded in a scenery of unsurpassed beauty at the foot of the mighty Santa Croce group, extending over unspoilt forested and grassy slopes, free from lift facilities.

La Val village is the first one in South Tyrol to join the group European Hiking Villages. This initiative is supported by AKU trekking & outdoor footwear.

The Ladin village of La Val in the Dolomites in South Tyrol reveals to the attentive hiker the unique, spectacular beauty of the Dolomites in the background, the well-maintained Alpine meadows with their hay barns dating from the La Tène period; farmsteads with flowers at every window and blooming gardens of the “Viles”, ancient structures in Old La Val testifying to a history of centuries of settlement.

The Armentara pastures with their wealth of species of orchid, spruce trees, larch meadows, arrolla pine forests and more than 60 species of birds, are spread out at the foot of the Sasso Croce Mountain Group in the Fanes-Senes-Braies Nature Park. Here the hiker feels as though he is in a botanical garden, which was created in the last millennium by human husbandry. From late spring to autumn, this wealth of species take turns to enchant the walker. Not far distantlie the Rit pastures and on the opposite side of the valley are the Chi Jus Alpine meadows.

In summer 2015, La Val village will become the first certified South Tyrolean Hiking Village. Countless businesses, from hotels to holidays on the farm, want to meet the needs of hikers and have established themselves as “hiking specialists”. These businesses also display certification from the European Hiking Quality Seal.

La Val, the village of alpine meadows offers also four certificated tours:
– Tru de paisc: step by step through La Val and its everyday life.
– Tru de meditaziun “memento vivere”: step by step towards God.
– Rodadlesviles: step by step to the Ladin farmhouses.
– Tru di pra: step by step across the Rit-meadows up to Ciamplorët in the wonderland of the meadows of Armentara.
– TruSpizan: step by step in the neighbour villages of Lungiarü and Badia.

Hiking marathon Tru di Pra.
Walking in the midst of the enchanting world of the Dolomites, through the flowery meadows of La Val.

What matters for those who participate at the Tru di Pra hiking half marathon in La Val, Alta Badia, which takes place in the heart of the Ladin Dolomites, is not their walking speed, but rather the beauty of the route.

The HIKING HALF MARATHON is supported by AKU,  is an initiative of the tourism association “La Val – Wengen”.

More information: https://www.altabadia.org/en/italian-alps-dolomites/villages/la-val-tru-di-pra.html

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The AKU shoes preferred by  La Val Tourist association.


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