Giacomo Ferri

Always trying to reach the summit

Talent is a divine gift; it presents itself at an auroral age and it is necessary to cultivate it in order to bear fruit.
It may happen that a first intimate ascent, in strict and complete autonomy, is precisely the first manifestation of an aptitude that will mark a life.
Curiosity about an unknown and unexplored place, perhaps even the prohibitions attached to it, led our ambassador Giacomo Ferri to try to “climb” every domestic peak as early as the age of 8 months (from cupboards to wardrobes to bathroom fixtures). Feelings have not changed and Giacomo continues to climb the “domestic” peaks.

We are talking about the Matterhorn North, several 4,000 metres as well as sport climbing routes up to 8b mainly at the various, and tough, crags in its valley. Which one? It is the Val Seriana, and specifically the Nembro crags, where Giacomo first got off the ground, in a natural environment, because he saw the old, strong Bergamasque mountaineers do it.
Now Giacomo is one of them, dedicating almost every waking moment to the mountains, following their seasons and discovering their many surprising faces, alternating climbing and long excursions with icefalls and ski mountaineering.
It is the variety and technicality of AKU footwear that matches the variety of approaches that Giacomo has to nature and outdoor activities.
Ideal terrain? The Orobie. Here Giacomo, as an Alpine Guide, accompanies those who want to get to know them, and in this way he strengthens that bond with her, the mountain, an ideal destination sought after from the very first climbs, a terrain where one can spend one’s talents.

“I love the mountains for their versatility, I like to follow the changing seasons.”


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