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Disabilincorsa is the name of an association founded in 2003 on the initiative of Michele Pavan and some friends, all blind. The purpose of the association is to promote sports and hiking for people with visual and motor disabilities.

The Association also wants to be the bearer of a message: “You must never give up! Today, family, friends and sport allow even the blind to lead an almost normal life. And between computers, digital recorders, home automation systems, public transport that announce stops, everything is a little easier than in the past. The important thing is not to feel sorry for yourself: but to get out of your ‘shell’, seize the opportunities that present themselves and live a truly full life”.

The meeting between AKU and the Disabilincorsa association fits perfectly into the activity programs that AKU calls “Outdoor for all”, aimed at promoting the outdoor experience for an inclusive and regenerative purpose in disadvantaged people. And so, thanks to the valuable contribution of the Associazione Centro Studi Montagna Sospirolese, also a partner of AKU, it was possible to organize a first activity in the mountains. An evening excursion, with return at night, along the forest road that from the town of Roncoi (San Gregorio nelle Alpi) leads to the Casera Le Ere refuge, on the slopes of Mount Pizzocco, in the Belluno Dolomites. Over 20 participants, including non-vendors, visually impaired people and their accompanying persons, attended. The AKU staff, together with the members of the Sospirolese Mountain Study Center, after a short “on the field” course in driving techniques, became guides themselves for one evening.
A new experience of extraordinary human value.

Listen to Michele Pavan’s experience to find out more about the disabilityincorsa.com / by RadioSiani project

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