Alessio Renzetti

Walking, telling, discovering: an open book called “landscape”.

Alessio is an Environmental Hiking Guide and Archaeologist. His vocation is to narrate history by observing nature and the landscape.

Born in 1983, Alessio lived his childhood in a small village on the shores of Lake Trasimeno, in Umbria. A place where you can breathe tradition; where landscapes maintain genuine, almost ancestral shapes and lines. It was there that he approached archaeology: in 2004 he gave up a steady job to begin the long university course that would lead him, after a few years, to transform a passion into work.

In 2015, his ‘itinerary’ changes again. He began working in education and outdoor tourism, specialising in nature-history hiking: he became an Environmental Hiking Guide and his office was transformed, definitively, into a world of land, woods and tracks.
After several years of accompaniment, he founded ‘Le Storie di Loz‘ in 2019: a dynamic brand that now involves several collaborators, through which he proposes excursions, mainly in Umbria, also dealing with dissemination and planning.

“The environment is a treasure of stories, an intimate space to be discovered step by step.”


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