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Sea and mountains, slow and light outdoor style

The Mangia Trekking association proposes itself as one of the reference realities, in particular in the Ligurian territories of the Val di Vara and the Cinque Terre, for the promotion of “slow tourism”: hiking activities that combine culture, traditions and typical cuisine of the places crossed. In this context, Mangia Trekking has devised the “slow and light outdoor style” formula.

The association, in addition to organizing excursions and training meetings for hiking, also carries out an important activity of maintenance of the paths in many natural areas with which it has collaborative relationships, such as: Porto Venere Natural Park, Regional Park of the Alps Apuane, Cinque Terre National Park, Tuscan-Emilian Apennine National Park, Montemarcello – Magra – Vara Regional Natural Park.

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hiking land walking with AKU

A place, which since its signs has the inscription “Land of hiking“, can only be a place where there are “friends” of AKU. 

AKU has been frequenting the suggestive trails of this “Hiking Land” for years and collaborates with the Association which takes its name from the town of Mangia, in Val di Vara, where the homonymous Hiking Center is located. A place that is always open and free, through which the association works to support the life of this medieval village and from which it starts to open and recover ancient paths. 

Mangia Trekking organizes dozens of excursions every year, including night and winter outings with snowshoes. The activities involve all members of all ages and take place mainly in the Ligurian territory, in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines and in the Apuan Alps. Places where you can tackle simple routes and other more challenging ones where you need to have good equipment. Also thanks to this, some members of the Association are precious testers for AKU who put our footwear to the test. 

«Our beautiful territory, from the paths on the sea to the Apennine and Apuan peaks», says the president of Mangia Trekking, Giuliano Guerri «asks to be faced with different types of footwear. Mangia Trekking has been using AKU footwear for years to the full satisfaction of its members who have always found maximum efficiency and high quality in the various AKU models. Many of our members also use AKU in their daily work in the mountains. In fact, Mangia Trekking sees in the Montebelluna company the exact representation of the true Italian manufacturing tradition, research and technical guarantee “.

Mangia Trekking promotes, tests and enthusiastically presents AKU products during its educational activities and uses AKU footwear for hiking activities.


A tourist-sport formula that gave birth to Slow Tourism

Alessandra Borio, teacher of Exercise Sciences, talks about the project developed for the students of the “Fossati-Da Passano” Technical, Commercial and Technological Institute in La Spezia.

For some years, together with my colleague Lorena Bacci, I have observed the growing development in the area of a new sport for everyone, called “Slow Mountaineering”. A gentle and pleasant sporting activity that combines well with the knowledge of the cultural heritage of the places, where sport leads to deepen the history and traditions of the territories in which it develops. Over time we have both become attentive practitioners, noting that Slow Mountaineering, if approached with care and professionalism, is a complete sport. An activity, which in mature people

contributes to keeping them healthy by preserving their motor skills, and in young people, in addition to favoring the development of conditional coordination skills, helps to make them aware of their own corporeality understood as knowledge, mastery and respect for their own body. Furthermore, by studying the ministerial circular relating to school-work alternation, among others we read that the A.S.L gives the opportunity to build “a heritage education system capable of involving a plurality of subjects, which makes the role and purpose of heritage education its own and translates over time into forms of involvement in the management and protection of places of culture, and in the acquisition of new knowledge with mutual benefits for society and heritage itself “. (read the whole article here)

Our footwear

The AKU shoes preferred by Mangia Trekking.


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