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Sea and mountains, slow and light outdoor style

The Mangia Trekking association proposes itself as one of the reference realities, in particular in the Ligurian territories of the Val di Vara and the Cinque Terre, for the promotion of “slow tourism”: hiking activities that combine culture, traditions and typical cuisine of the places crossed. In this context, Mangia Trekking has devised the “slow and light outdoor style” formula.

The association, in addition to organizing excursions and training meetings for hiking, also carries out an important activity of maintenance of the paths in many natural areas with which it has collaborative relationships, such as: Porto Venere Natural Park, Regional Park of the Alps Apuane, Cinque Terre National Park, Tuscan-Emilian Apennine National Park, Montemarcello – Magra – Vara Regional Natural Park.

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hiking land walking with AKU

A place, which since its signs has the inscription “Land of hiking“, can only be a place where there are “friends” of AKU. 

AKU has been frequenting the suggestive trails of this “Hiking Land” for years and collaborates with the Association which takes its name from the town of Mangia, in Val di Vara, where the homonymous Hiking Center is located. A place that is always open and free, through which the association works to support the life of this medieval village and from which it starts to open and recover ancient paths. 

Mangia Trekking organizes dozens of excursions every year, including night and winter outings with snowshoes. The activities involve all members of all ages and take place mainly in the Ligurian territory, in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines and in the Apuan Alps. Places where you can tackle simple routes and other more challenging ones where you need to have good equipment. Also thanks to this, some members of the Association are precious testers for AKU who put our footwear to the test. 

«Our beautiful territory, from the paths on the sea to the Apennine and Apuan peaks», says the president of Mangia Trekking, Giuliano Guerri «asks to be faced with different types of footwear. Mangia Trekking has been using AKU footwear for years to the full satisfaction of its members who have always found maximum efficiency and high quality in the various AKU models. Many of our members also use AKU in their daily work in the mountains. In fact, Mangia Trekking sees in the Montebelluna company the exact representation of the true Italian manufacturing tradition, research and technical guarantee “.

Mangia Trekking promotes, tests and enthusiastically presents AKU products during its educational activities and uses AKU footwear for hiking activities.


A tourist-sport formula that gave birth to Slow Tourism

Alessandra Borio, teacher of Exercise Sciences, talks about the project developed for the students of the “Fossati-Da Passano” Technical, Commercial and Technological Institute in La Spezia.

For some years, together with my colleague Lorena Bacci, I have observed the growing development in the area of a new sport for everyone, called “Slow Mountaineering”. A gentle and pleasant sporting activity that combines well with the knowledge of the cultural heritage of the places, where sport leads to deepen the history and traditions of the territories in which it develops. Over time we have both become attentive practitioners, noting that Slow Mountaineering, if approached with care and professionalism, is a complete sport. An activity, which in mature people

contributes to keeping them healthy by preserving their motor skills, and in young people, in addition to favoring the development of conditional coordination skills, helps to make them aware of their own corporeality understood as knowledge, mastery and respect for their own body. Furthermore, by studying the ministerial circular relating to school-work alternation, among others we read that the A.S.L gives the opportunity to build “a heritage education system capable of involving a plurality of subjects, which makes the role and purpose of heritage education its own and translates over time into forms of involvement in the management and protection of places of culture, and in the acquisition of new knowledge with mutual benefits for society and heritage itself “. (read the whole article here)

Our footwear

The AKU shoes preferred by Mangia Trekking.
  • LA VAL

La Val, the Ladin village on the Alpine meadows. First Hiking Village in South Tyrol.

At 1,348 m (4,422 ft) above sea level, lies La Val, embedded in a scenery of unsurpassed beauty at the foot of the mighty Santa Croce group, extending over unspoilt forested and grassy slopes, free from lift facilities.

La Val village is the first one in South Tyrol to join the group European Hiking Villages. This initiative is supported by AKU trekking & outdoor footwear.

The Ladin village of La Val in the Dolomites in South Tyrol reveals to the attentive hiker the unique, spectacular beauty of the Dolomites in the background, the well-maintained Alpine meadows with their hay barns dating from the La Tène period; farmsteads with flowers at every window and blooming gardens of the “Viles”, ancient structures in Old La Val testifying to a history of centuries of settlement.

The Armentara pastures with their wealth of species of orchid, spruce trees, larch meadows, arrolla pine forests and more than 60 species of birds, are spread out at the foot of the Sasso Croce Mountain Group in the Fanes-Senes-Braies Nature Park. Here the hiker feels as though he is in a botanical garden, which was created in the last millennium by human husbandry. From late spring to autumn, this wealth of species take turns to enchant the walker. Not far distantlie the Rit pastures and on the opposite side of the valley are the Chi Jus Alpine meadows.

In summer 2015, La Val village will become the first certified South Tyrolean Hiking Village. Countless businesses, from hotels to holidays on the farm, want to meet the needs of hikers and have established themselves as “hiking specialists”. These businesses also display certification from the European Hiking Quality Seal.

La Val, the village of alpine meadows offers also four certificated tours:
– Tru de paisc: step by step through La Val and its everyday life.
– Tru de meditaziun “memento vivere”: step by step towards God.
– Rodadlesviles: step by step to the Ladin farmhouses.
– Tru di pra: step by step across the Rit-meadows up to Ciamplorët in the wonderland of the meadows of Armentara.
– TruSpizan: step by step in the neighbour villages of Lungiarü and Badia.

Hiking marathon Tru di Pra.
Walking in the midst of the enchanting world of the Dolomites, through the flowery meadows of La Val.

What matters for those who participate at the Tru di Pra hiking half marathon in La Val, Alta Badia, which takes place in the heart of the Ladin Dolomites, is not their walking speed, but rather the beauty of the route.

The HIKING HALF MARATHON is supported by AKU,  is an initiative of the tourism association “La Val – Wengen”.

More information: https://www.altabadia.org/en/italian-alps-dolomites/villages/la-val-tru-di-pra.html

Our footwear

The AKU shoes preferred by  La Val Tourist association.

Shoot the adventure with Viaggi Fotografici

Viaggi Fotografici is a tour operator that organizes photography workshops around the world. Each destination is carefully chosen and nothing is left to chance, in order to offer participants the best possible experience. During the trips, participants have the opportunity to meet new people who share their same interests and to devote themselves completely to their passion, without haste, with all the time necessary to observe and photograph every spectacle of nature.

The trip is always guided by a professional photographer who is able to convey photographic techniques to the participants that are difficult to learn in textbooks or in theoretical training courses.

In addition to photography “in the field”, Viaggi Fotografici organizes workshops and training courses in the classroom.

The Viaggi Fotografici travel staff is made up of professionals with specific skills in the various aspects of photography: from the landscape architect to the reporter, from the post-production nerd to the naturalist, passing through night photography, macro photography, etc., an assortment for every taste. They are professionals who love to have fun while doing what they love, all different but with one thing in common: they walk and travel with AKU footwear.

The Viaggi Fotografici team collaborates with AKU as photographers, storytellers and product testers.

“Traveling is like dreaming, the difference is that not everyone remembers something when they wake up, while everyone keeps the memory of the destination from which they returned warm”
-Edgar Allan Poeoe

Our footwear

The AKU shoes preferred by Photo Travel must be robust, comfortable and waterproof.
  • Valle Umbra Trekking

Valle Umbra Trekking in favor of young people and the Umbrian lands

Valle Umbra Trekking is an Umbrian association, affiliated with the Italian Hiking Federation, which deals with hiking activities and environmental education, promoting knowledge and enhancement of the history and traditions of the Umbrian land.

Annually, the association offers its more than 250 members a hiking and trekking program of various levels of difficulty and interest, both in Italy and abroad. The pride of the association is the youth section which carries out specific activities for children aged 6 to 16. In agreement with the Municipality of Foligno, Valle Umbra Trekking manages the Altolina Green Room in Pale di Foligno, a reference point for all hiking and educational activities.

The presence on their territory of a part of the route of the Via Lauretana has prompted the association to also take care of this ancient pilgrimage route which can be considered a completion and an enrichment compared to the various naturalistic and religious paths already existing in the area. The Via Lauretana is in fact one of the main nodes of a network of paths that connect it with the Regional Parks of Subasio and Colfiorito, with the National Park of the Sibillini Mountains and with the European path E1. Furthermore, the Lauretana is connected with the historic Via Francigena di San Francesco (via di Roma) which, passing through Assisi through the Foligno area, connects the places of Franciscan spirituality from the north (La Verna) to the south (Greccio).

Valle Umbra Trekking collaborates with AKU as a product tester.

“Always many new ideas and proposals to share with pleasure on the way”

Our footwear

The AKU footwear preferred by Valle Umbra Trekking.
  • Alpinschule Oberstdorf


In summer and winter with the guides of Alpinschule Oberstdorf

Alpinschule Oberstdorf is a tour operator that has been operating in the entire Alpine region from Bavaria in the most mountainous part of the Allgäu since 1981. The offer includes both educational activities (ice mountaineering courses, rock climbing, ski mountaineering) and guided summer excursions, via ferrata, climbing tours and multi-day tours at high altitude and winter excursions with snowshoes or skis.

For accompanying activities, the staff is qualified as a mountain and ski guide, hiking guide and many guides have additional training for the mountain rescue service, as paramedics or as army mountain guides.

Andreas Tauser is the director of the Oberstdorf Alpine School and has extensive experience as a mountain guide, in skiing and in the mountain rescue service. Andreas’s great-uncle was Leo Köcheler, a historic mountain guide from Bavaria in the late 1800s.

Alpinschule Oberstdorf collaborates with AKU as a footwear tester for mountaineering and hiking

“Since 1981: alpine hut tours, crossing the Allgäu Alps, guided tours on skis and snowshoes, courses on ice, rock, ski mountaineering and much more”

Our favorites AKU

The Alpinschule Oberstdorf guides use different models of AKU footwear, specific for each type of terrain and activity.

A meeting place for professionals and photography lovers

FotoPerCorsi is a meeting place for professional photographers and enthusiasts of photography, nature, culture, art and entertainment. The idea of Lorenzo, Cesare and Matteo is to share the experience and “tricks of the trade” of the fabulous world of photography, matured “in the field” over years of professional activity, with workshops, short and long courses, basic level and advanced, amateur and professional. All this with theoretical lessons, but above all with photo sessions, where you will have the opportunity to put the acquired notions into practice, pleasantly spending time together with those who, like us, share the love for this wonderful expressive method.
The following are part of FotoPerCorsi:

Cesare Re
Mountain photographer and author of books and guides on trekking, nature, landscape and photographic technique. He has published articles in the main Italian magazines and photos in Europe, America, Australia and Asia. www.recesare.com

Lorenzo Di Nozzi
Scene photographer, he has collaborated with Italian and international theaters, festivals, artists. He is a lecturer at the Academy of Stage Photography of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan. www.lorenzodinozzi.com

Matteo Vecchi
Photographer who ranges in various fields of photography, from the most commercial such as advertising still-life, to the wedding one and finally to the architectural and artistic one where he has many exhibitions with fine-art prints.

FotoPerCorsi collaborate with AKU as photographers.

Our favorites AKU

FotoPerCorsi’s favorite shoes.
  • Santi Padros

My mountaineering?
Simple as a smile, to share with my partner, my friends and my clients.

“Mountaineering as a way to stay in the mountains, as a form of thought and life, as simple as a smile, to share with my partner, my friends and my clients”.
This is the thought of Santi Padros, a Spanish mountain guide who has chosen to live in the Dolomites of the Val di Zoldo.

His life as a mountaineer began at 15 and until he was 20 he devoted himself above all to ski mountaineering, ice climbing and canyoning in the Pyrenees. After twenty years his horizons broaden, first towards Europe, with mountaineering on classic difficulties and with ski mountaineering, and later in 2003, thanks to a trip to Yosemite for a few months, his life changed radically. In 2006 he became a mountain guide, decides to move to live in the Val di Zoldo and here he dedicates himself with increasing commitment and passion to ice climbing.

In Santi’s mountaineering career, to date, there are four expeditions in the Himalayas with four new routes opened in Nepal (Karyolung 6511 m, Kang Nachugo 6735 m and on the west face of Ama Dablam), four expeditions in Patagonia with two new ascents in Cerro Adela (Cerro Torre group), a solo expedition on the Cordillera Blanca in Peru where he made two new extreme skiing descents. He has traveled to Oman and Morocco, climbing to Reunion Island, Greece and the USA, New Zealand and Kyrgystan on mountaineering skis.

In addition to the activity of Alpine Guide and Canyoning, which he carries out in Italy and abroad, he is an instructor of Guide Canyoning in Italy, collaborates as a guide instructor in the Spanish schools where Alpine Guides, Accompanying Guides and Canyoning Guides are trained.

Santi Padros collaborates with AKU as a product tester.

“I walk, climb, ski, canyoning, with those who want me to accompany him and with all the people I like their company”

My favorite AKU

Santi Padros‘ favorite footwear is the AKU Tengu Lite GTX.
  • Ezio Marlier

Ezio Marlier icon of modern ice and mixed technical climbing

Ezio was born and raised in the Aosta Valley, he is a mountain guide, athlete and mountaineer. Master of piolet traction, for thirty years an icon of modern ice and mixed climbing at an international level. He has opened routes on mountains all over the world, although Mont Blanc and the Alps remain his main terrain; his specialty is ice climbing, but he also practices sport climbing at excellent levels and, thanks to his profession as a mountain guide, he lives the mountains every day.

Ezio Marlier collaborates with AKU as a product tester.

“My motto is freeway: the freedom to choose your own roads, in mountaineering as well as in everyday activities”

My favorite AKU

For mountain activities as a mountain guide Ezio Marlier uses different footwear: AKU HAYATSUKI GTX at high altitude and in winter environments, while AKU TENGU GTX for light activities at low altitude.

  • Elisa & Leonardo

Elisa Bessega e Leonardo Panizza / Photographer, writer and environmental activists

Zero-impact mountaineering and slow trekking

Elisa, lover of the highlands, photographer, activist and zero-waster. Born in the province of Padua, in the flattest place in Italy, she approaches the mountain very late, but since the first trek it leaves an indelible mark on her personality and lifestyle. From that moment on he devoted much of his time to the outdoors, moving permanently to Trento and learning all the mountaineering disciplines from scratch in order to fully experience the mountains in each of its forms. Hand in hand with the discovery of this sense of belonging to nature, he changes his way of life trying to minimize its impact on the environment, he is passionate about the SLOW and ZERO IMPACT philosophy and tries to apply it first in everyday life and then in excursions: self-produced most of the products he uses at home and where it is not possible undertakes to buy them in bulk. When she is not busy spending her time outdoors, she writes and talks about her passions through images and collaborates with the collective of activists The Outdoor Manifesto.

Leonardo, a psychologist, has always been a frequent visitor to the mountains of Trentino, a frequent user of bivouacs and has always paid particular attention to moving independently. In the various ascents he tries to emphasize the exploratory side and knowledge of the territory rather than the performative one. He often decides to sleep in the bivouac without leaning on the shelter for a total immersion in nature, without filters or facilities. Without the use of shortcuts, it is possible to discover that the adventure is a stone’s throw from home. Getting information and getting to know the mountains in which you move is something that enriches the experience and makes it more respectful of the places. He devotes his time mainly to climbing, ski mountaineering and mountaineering but he is also passionate about trekking, always strictly on his own. Auto produces vegetables and eggs thanks to four very white hens.

Elisa and Leonardo collaborate with AKU as photographers, storytellers and product testers.

“The mountain is not something to be bent to satisfy your will, it must be not only the place to be heroes”

My favorite AKU

For their excursions Elisa and Leonardo wear AKU Trekker Lite III GTX and AKU Alterra Lite GTX, perfect for supporting not exactly light backpacks and for walking several days with maximum comfort.
  • Ruggero Alberti

More than a photographer, he prefers to define himself as a mountain man who lives his own mountain and as such has a deep respect for it

Photographer and mountaineer, with a degree in Forestry and Environmental Sciences, born and raised at the foot of the Pale di San Martino, he managed to combine his passion for the mountains with photography. More than a photographer, he prefers to define himself as a mountain man who lives his own mountain and as such has a deep respect for it.

“For many people the mountain is simply an element of the landscape, something beautiful, to be admired from home or during their holidays, for others it is a mass of rock. For me, however, the mountain is everything. When I am on a peak or even simply in a forest, I feel alive and an integral part of everything around me. I love the mountain and I have a feeling of respect towards it that comes from the desire to know its deeper aspects, its rhythms and its will. I concretize my personal vision by getting up in the middle of the night to walk for several hours and reach little-frequented places. Other times I reach the top of a mountain at sunset and then stay there to sleep. Most of the time I’m always alone in these photographic outings.”

Ruggero collaborates with AKU as a photographer and product tester.

“I love the mountain and I have a feeling of respect towards it that stems from the desire to know its deeper aspects, its rhythms and its will”

My favorire AKU

For mountain activities as a photographer and mountaineer Ruggero Alberti uses the AKU Superalp NBK GTX model, a classic model designed for those who walk a lot, even on difficult terrain, with a heavy load on their shoulders.


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