• Santi Padros

My mountaineering?
Simple as a smile, to share with my partner, my friends and my clients.

“Mountaineering as a way to stay in the mountains, as a form of thought and life, as simple as a smile, to share with my partner, my friends and my clients”.
This is the thought of Santi Padros, a Spanish mountain guide who has chosen to live in the Dolomites of the Val di Zoldo.

His life as a mountaineer began at 15 and until he was 20 he devoted himself above all to ski mountaineering, ice climbing and canyoning in the Pyrenees. After twenty years his horizons broaden, first towards Europe, with mountaineering on classic difficulties and with ski mountaineering, and later in 2003, thanks to a trip to Yosemite for a few months, his life changed radically. In 2006 he became a mountain guide, decides to move to live in the Val di Zoldo and here he dedicates himself with increasing commitment and passion to ice climbing.

In Santi’s mountaineering career, to date, there are four expeditions in the Himalayas with four new routes opened in Nepal (Karyolung 6511 m, Kang Nachugo 6735 m and on the west face of Ama Dablam), four expeditions in Patagonia with two new ascents in Cerro Adela (Cerro Torre group), a solo expedition on the Cordillera Blanca in Peru where he made two new extreme skiing descents. He has traveled to Oman and Morocco, climbing to Reunion Island, Greece and the USA, New Zealand and Kyrgystan on mountaineering skis.

In addition to the activity of Alpine Guide and Canyoning, which he carries out in Italy and abroad, he is an instructor of Guide Canyoning in Italy, collaborates as a guide instructor in the Spanish schools where Alpine Guides, Accompanying Guides and Canyoning Guides are trained.

Santi Padros collaborates with AKU as a product tester.

“I walk, climb, ski, canyoning, with those who want me to accompany him and with all the people I like their company”

My favorite AKU

Santi Padros‘ favorite footwear is the AKU Tengu Lite GTX.
  • Ezio Marlier

Ezio Marlier icon of modern ice and mixed technical climbing

Ezio was born and raised in the Aosta Valley, he is a mountain guide, athlete and mountaineer. Master of piolet traction, for thirty years an icon of modern ice and mixed climbing at an international level. He has opened routes on mountains all over the world, although Mont Blanc and the Alps remain his main terrain; his specialty is ice climbing, but he also practices sport climbing at excellent levels and, thanks to his profession as a mountain guide, he lives the mountains every day.

Ezio Marlier collaborates with AKU as a product tester.

“My motto is freeway: the freedom to choose your own roads, in mountaineering as well as in everyday activities”

My favorite AKU

For mountain activities as a mountain guide Ezio Marlier uses different footwear: AKU HAYATSUKI GTX at high altitude and in winter environments, while AKU TENGU GTX for light activities at low altitude.

  • Ingo Irsara

The day I decided to be a climber

Ingo Irsara is a 360 ° mountain professional, as well as a mountain guide he is also a ski instructor and national instructor of mountain guides. He lives in Alta Badia in the heart of the Dolomites.

“I was born and raised in the mountains and I have attended it in all its aspects since I was a child, when I went with my father every Sunday to do via ferratas. I remember a very special Sunday, climbing up the Civetta, from the via ferrata we were traveling on, I saw people climbing the wall climbing. I was struck by what I had seen and from that day on I decided that I too wanted to climb. Later I spent endless days climbing up and down the stone wall that runs along the hairpin bends of the road to my town, before touching the rock.
My passion for skiing was also born at a very young age, my first steps on skis date back to when I was three. Then, slowly, going to the mountains in all seasons, I thought that my passion could become a job. I have been a mountain guide since 2005 and a ski instructor since 2000”.

Ingo collaborates with AKU as a product tester.

My favorite AKU

For mountain activities as a mountain guide and rescuer Ingo Irsara mainly uses AKU Tengu Lite GTX.
  • Andrea Enzio

Andrea Enzio / Mountain Guide_Alagna_Italy

A large Walser family of alpine guides, ski instructors and mountain huts hosts on Monte Rosa.

Andrea Enzio, born in 1968, lives in Alagna, is president of the Alagna Guides Corps and director of the homonymous School of Mountaineering. His activity in the mountains began very early, in the footsteps of his father and a large family composed mainly of mountain guides, ski instructors and managers of mountain huts. As a child he competed as an athlete of the Alagna ski club and soon devoted himself to sport climbing and mountaineering. At the age of 18 he began the course as an aspiring mountain guide and a little later as a ski instructor.

In the mid-80s he became passionate about snowboarding, obtained the qualification of Snowboard instructor and made the most important first descents with the “board” in the Monte Rosa group. As a guide he specializes in canyoning and participates in some extra-European expeditions: Daulaghiri, ChoOyu, Mckinley. Skiing, and in particular free ride, becoming his main activity during the winter and lead him to travel often between the various ski resorts in the Alps and abroad.

He still practices paragliding and for some years also river canoeing on the Sesia river, with sea canoe he sailed in the northern seas (Sweden) and made dives in different corners of the world. For some years he has discovered the sailing boat and has a Skipper’s license. He mainly works as a mountain guide, ski instructor and Helicopter rescue technician.

Andrea Enzio collaborate with AKU as a product tester of mountaineering and trekking footwear.

My favorite AKU

For mountain activities as a mountain guide and rescuer Andrea Enzio mainly uses AKU HAYATSUKI GTX at high altitude and in winter environments.
  • Oscar
    Alemán Milán

Oscar is a high mountain guide, fond of Pyrenean cartography and geography

Oscar Aleman Milan is a Mountain and Ski Mountaineering Guide who works in the Pyrenees and the Alps. His activity in the mountains ranges from simple accompaniment to challenging exploratory missions to support scientific research in the geological and geographical field. For some time now, Oscar has been supporting his driving activity with an intense training activity, organizing courses at various levels in the field of mountain safety, snow science, ski mountaineering and working as a teacher at ETEVA, the Training School for Sports Technicians of the Val d ‘Aran.

Òscar collaborates with AKU as a product tester.

“I am very lucky, I can have fun in the mountains, both in technical and difficult activities, and in fun and family activities”

My favorite AKU

Òscar Alemán Milán’s favorite shoes are the AUK Trekker Pro GTX and AKU Selvatica GTX.
  • Andreas

Andreas Tauser, mountain guide and director of the Alpinschule Oberstdorf agency

Andreas Tauser is a German mountain guide. Raised at the entrance to the Birgsau valley in Oberstdorf, Germany, surrounded by beautiful mountains, at the age of 15, accompanied by a friend of his age, he went to Italy in the Forno basin for a one-week ski tour. Since then he has dedicated his whole life to the mountains, first entering Bergwacht Oberstdorf where he becomes Operational Manager of the local Alpine Rescue and subsequently acquiring the diploma of mountain guide at a very young age. Andrea Tauser today runs the ALPINSCHULE OBERSTDORF agency with his wife and a team of 10, a tour operator specializing in mountain adventures. He has to his credit numerous climbs even in winter both in the Alps and in the Dolomites. He is also a member of the Oberstdorf Alpine Rescue and evaluator at the Oberstdorf Avalanche Commission.

Andreas Andreas and the staff of his agency ALPINSCHULE OBERSTDORF collaborate with AKU as a product tester.

My favorite AKU


  • Peter Moser

In my activity as a mountain guide I have known many mountains, but every time I gladly return to the Lagorai, here I find a tranquility, a different air than other valleys.

Peter Moser is a mountaineer, mountain guide and mountain athlete with a versatile profile, able to express himself at high levels in any mountaineering context. His first ascent at the age of 12 on the Vajolet Towers with his uncle and then is a succession of dozens and dozens of ascents first on the great classic routes of the Dolomites and the Western Alps then on the more challenging and ambitious itineraries.
He became an alpine guide very young, at only twenty years old, shortly after he was called to be part of the High Mountain Military Group of the Army Sports Center, a five-year experience that allowed him to increase his athletic and mountaineering training, as well as in sport climbing and ski mountaineering, his great passion, practiced from a very young age at a competitive level.
His curriculum includes repetitions of sporting itineraries even higher than 8c, climbs to the great Norths, hundreds of routes in the Dolomites and throughout the Alps, numerous first openings both on rock and on ice.

Since 2019 Peter Moser has been collaborating with AKU as a tester and consultant in the development of mountaineering footwear.

“In February 2020, in 15 days, Peter Moser united over 200 peaks above 2000 meters in a long journey in the Lagorai-Cima d’Asta. A great adventure within nature and within yourself”

My favorite AKU

For mountain activities as an alpine guide and athlete Peter Moser uses different footwear: AKU HAYATSUKI GTX at high altitude and in winter environments, while AKU SELVATICA GTX for light activities at low altitude.


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