• Elisa & Leonardo

Elisa Bessega e Leonardo Panizza / Photographer, writer and environmental activists

Zero-impact mountaineering and slow trekking

Elisa, lover of the highlands, photographer, activist and zero-waster. Born in the province of Padua, in the flattest place in Italy, she approaches the mountain very late, but since the first trek it leaves an indelible mark on her personality and lifestyle. From that moment on he devoted much of his time to the outdoors, moving permanently to Trento and learning all the mountaineering disciplines from scratch in order to fully experience the mountains in each of its forms. Hand in hand with the discovery of this sense of belonging to nature, he changes his way of life trying to minimize its impact on the environment, he is passionate about the SLOW and ZERO IMPACT philosophy and tries to apply it first in everyday life and then in excursions: self-produced most of the products he uses at home and where it is not possible undertakes to buy them in bulk. When she is not busy spending her time outdoors, she writes and talks about her passions through images and collaborates with the collective of activists The Outdoor Manifesto.

Leonardo, a psychologist, has always been a frequent visitor to the mountains of Trentino, a frequent user of bivouacs and has always paid particular attention to moving independently. In the various ascents he tries to emphasize the exploratory side and knowledge of the territory rather than the performative one. He often decides to sleep in the bivouac without leaning on the shelter for a total immersion in nature, without filters or facilities. Without the use of shortcuts, it is possible to discover that the adventure is a stone’s throw from home. Getting information and getting to know the mountains in which you move is something that enriches the experience and makes it more respectful of the places. He devotes his time mainly to climbing, ski mountaineering and mountaineering but he is also passionate about trekking, always strictly on his own. Auto produces vegetables and eggs thanks to four very white hens.

Elisa and Leonardo collaborate with AKU as photographers, storytellers and product testers.

“The mountain is not something to be bent to satisfy your will, it must be not only the place to be heroes”

My favorite AKU

For their excursions Elisa and Leonardo wear AKU Trekker Lite III GTX and AKU Alterra Lite GTX, perfect for supporting not exactly light backpacks and for walking several days with maximum comfort.
  • Altripiani

Altripiani is a combination of photography, mountaineering, cultural, anthropological and linguistic research

Altripiani is a combination of photography, mountaineering, cultural, anthropological and linguistic research, which aims to trace new paths and different paths. Lines that do not run from one city to another, but that slowly cross mountain ranges and small villages in search of faces and memories. A continuous search for the other in elsewhere, to meet and investigate the differences between the cultures and religions of the countries crossed, between the traditions and generations of the most isolated communities in the mountains, avoiding commonplaces to look for those of encounter and of dialogue.

Altripiani is a project by Giacomo Frison and Glorija Blazinšek, two photographers from Venice. “We have different characters that work well together, complementing each other. Two sensitivities, two ways of interpreting beauty and the common desire to tell moments, stories and people spontaneously. When we travel through mountain ranges we walk an ever-changing trail with an open mind and a tent on our backs. We are Altripiani, the most sincere and genuine representation of ourselves, of our passions and of our desire to know.”

Glorija and Giacomo collaborate with AKU as photographers, storytellers and product testers.

“We are Altripiani, the most sincere and genuine representation of ourselves, our passions and our desire to know”

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My favorite AKU

Glorija and Giacomo’s favorite shoes for their crossings are the AKU Alterra Lite GTX, a multierrain shoe, just like they are, perfect for moving quickly on any terrain in total comfort.


Mountain leaders and companions of Val Gardena

Summer and winter. Thousands of kilometers and thousands of meters in altitude traveled every year. The trails of Val Gardena, from the valley floor to the high mountains, have no secrets for AKU and for the more than 20 guides of the Val Gardena Active program. An initiative born 10 years ago and which from the beginning has seen AKU footwear at the feet of a group of qualified professionals, experts in hiking and profound connoisseurs of their territory through which the thousands of tourists who flock to a of the most beautiful valleys of the Dolomites.

“It is a collaboration that honors us and stimulates us” said Paolo Bordin, CEO of AKU “which offers us the opportunity to test our products on their ideal terrain, the Dolomite mountain, where we wrote an important part of our history “.

For over 30 years, in fact, Val Gardena has represented for AKU one of the alpine areas in which the brand immediately met the favor of the public, through the important contribution of the specialized shopkeepers of the valley, first of all Sport Bruno, a historic shop, from over 100 years a point of reference for valley dwellers and mountain enthusiasts who choose Selva Val Gardena as the ideal place for their holidays.

Since 2020 the collaboration has extended and includes all the three main centers of the valley, with Selva, Santa Cristina and Ortisei as starting points for the excursions, gathered in a broad program that in addition to trekking includes experiences of environmental education and knowledge of the uses and Ladin customs, also for families and children. For advanced hiking that becomes a complete experience and a stimulus to deepen the value of contact with nature.

Val Gardena Active’s mid-mountain guides and companions will be your trusted people in planning your excursions, they will accompany you and will be at your disposal with their experience and knowledge, at any time. If you want to know the Val Gardena Active excursion program for summer 2020, visit the website ww.valgardena-active.co

Val Gardena Active collaborates with AKU as a product tester.

“An advanced excursion that becomes a complete experience and a stimulus to deepen the value of contact with nature”

My favorite AKU

The Val Gardena Active guides use different models of AKU footwear, specific for each type of terrain and activity: Selvatica GTX, Tengu Low GTX, Tengu Lite GTX, Trekker Lite III GTX and Superalp GTX.



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