Alpine refuges are a common good of fundamental importance for those who frequent the mountains

Respect for some rules is the prerequisite for allowing managers to offer the best service and for us to enjoy an unforgettable experience up to high altitudes. Therefore, let us refrain from making inappropriate service claims with respect to the context in which we find ourselves and enjoy the hospitality of an authentic mountain refuge, respecting these simple rules of conduct.

  • Alpine refuges are not hotels for mountain holidays. Although in some cases they offer many services similar to those of a small hotel, in most cases the mountain huts are simple, decent but essential structures.
  • Their fundamental function is to offer a hot meal and a good shelter for the night to hikers in transit.
  • In relation to their specific location, for many mountain shelters some important resources such as electricity and drinking water may be available to a limited extent and only at certain times of the day.
  • Telephone coverage in many cases may be poor or absent, as well the internet connection.
  • Therefore, it is often not possible to pay by debit or credit cards.
  • Access to the refuge is allowed in compliance with the rules of good conduct, following the instructions of the manager. In case of severe bad weather, in particular, the shelter fulfills its essential function of shelter and assistance point for the safety of people, with the sole aim of satisfying essential needs.
  • If you have planned an excursion with a stop or transit to the refuge, if the telephone service is available, it is a good idea to notify us of your arrival. In particular in the case of groups or if you intend to stay overnight, it is essential to book the service so as not to create inconvenience to the manager, who as a rule must be able to offer assistance to those who request it.


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