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AKU launches a new project to say stop to plastic bottles

AKU launched a new project to sensitize mountain enthusiasts to avoid of the use of disposable plastics during their excursions. A network of alpine hut, currently made up of 4 units on the eastern Alpine arc, with the prospect and the hope of extending it to numerous others distributed over the rest of the Alps and the Apennines, to consolidate the idea that mountain waste is a unacceptable presence.

The project provides for an agreement between the company and the manager of the refuge for the production and sale at an advantageous price of technical water bottles (Ferrino) with the aim of gradually replacing or abolishing the habit still widespread by many hikers. to carry in the backpack or ask for the water in the disposable plastic bottles in the refuge.

The current partners of the project are, in addition to Ferrino, supplier of the water bottle, the TELEGRAFO alpine hut at Monte Baldo (VR), the CALDENAVE alpine hut in Lagorai (TN), the GIORGIO DAL PIAZ alpine hut on the Vette Feltrine (BL) and the BRUNO BOZ alpine hut in the Cimonega Group, Alpi Feltrine (BL).

The agreement also provides for support from AKU in promoting knowledge of the partner shelter and the entire network through its communication channels in Italy and abroad, as well as the organization of on-site initiatives to involve the guests of the alpine hut and give value to the message.

New contacts are already planned for the expansion of the network with the inclusion in the project of other shelters sensitive to the issue and available to promote the idea of a mountain free from disposable plastics.

Rifugio Caldenave - Lagorai
Rifugio Bruno Boz - Cimonega
Rifugio Telegrafo - Monte Baldo
Rifugio Giorgio Dal Piaz - Vette Feltrine
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Progetto "timbra sculture"
Progetto: borraccia personalizzata

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