• Emotions of Ireland

Emotions of Ireland

Ireland is always able to give strong emotions and every time we return we experience a different feeling depending on what Mother Nature decides to give us.
It is now the tenth trip in the span of a few years that we have organized and we love this land to madness. We have explored Ireland far and wide, discovering magical places and people with a heart of gold. This year, another magnificent sensation has been added, that of being able to leave the borders of Italy (which was normal before Covid-19) and head towards northern Europe to carry out our work as photographic guides.
The group that left with us was a mix of loyal customers and new acquaintances with whom we immediately felt at ease and spent a week of fun, laughter and a lot of rain.

A landscape photographic journey is an experience in direct contact with the elements of nature that often put a strain on the determination of each of the participants, but when you manage to be in the right place and with the perfect moment of light, all the efforts come repay in full, leaving an indelible memory that will last forever.

The two main destinations of the trip were Northern Ireland and Donegal, two of the most scenic counties on the island, full of breathtaking viewpoints.

The basaltic flows of the Giant’s Causeway

The Giant’s Causeway is undoubtedly one of Northern Ireland’s most curious attractions, a unique geological formation that has produced thousands of hexagonal shaped basalt columns, thanks to an ancient underground volcanic eruption. I still remember as if it were yesterday waiting for two hours for a sunset that never came under constant rain that put a strain on our waterproof layers. We never lost heart and even staying a long time under the capricious sky of Ireland was part of the experience. The rest of the county is a feast for the eyes, including remote bays, overhanging coasts, waterfalls that plunge into the ocean, tree-lined avenues with a mystical appearance and wide beaches … we didn’t miss anything.

The mountains of Glenveagh National Park and the Atlantic coasts

Donegal is no exception, thanks to its great variety of landscapes ranging from the mountains of the Glenveagh National Park to the wonderful coasts that offer incredible views such as the Fanad Head Lighthouse. It may not be as impressive as the majestic Breton lighthouses, but from a photographic point of view it is a marvel to be immortalized. We tried dawn several times and at the last moment, despite it having started to rain, luck was on our side, giving us an unforgettable moment of light complete with a rainbow that warmed the spirits of the group and put so much happiness in our hearts.

The rolling hills dotted with wetlands

The inland area, unlike the very hilly coast, is mountainous, obviously not like the mountains of our house, but rather the rolling hills dotted with marshes, rivers and waterfalls. A severe environment that puts a strain on the waterproofing of your boots and above all patience due to the damn midgets, very annoying little gnats that bite and force you to run for cover with nice headgear nets. A little more effort to shoot, but always well rewarded by quick and fleeting moments of light.

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Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom

Slieve Donard, is the highest peak (850m) in the Newcastle area

Numerous Norman castles, Celtic and Christian monuments

The capital Belfast is full of political murals

From Ireland, you return home with a smile and the desire to return as soon as possible, it is an island capable of welcoming you and making you feel an integral part of the place. Never once have we felt out of place and even at a particular moment like this people welcomed us with open arms and a smile.


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