AKU and photographers Helle Olsen and Uri Golman tell us about the Wilderness

 text AKU team / photos Helle Olsen & Uri Golman / July 2015

WILD PROJECT - Exploring the last wild places on planet earth

Documenting the last truly wild places of our planet, in order to increase compassion and protection for them, is the goal of project WILD, of the outdoor photographers Helle Olsen and Uri Golman. The salvation of man lies in the wilderness, assisting his self-awareness and improving the society in which he lives. We are all nature.
AKU trekking and outdoor footwear and photographers Helle Olsen and Uri Golman have decided to work together on this project, that will involve their next four years, on seven continents, to document nature's beauty in 15 different wilderness locations. AKU will also provide Helle and Uri with suitable footwear for this exploration and adventure.

Helle and Uri have just returned from their trip to Asia in the forests of Borneo, where they photographed Orangutangs. They informed us that the word Orang-utang in Malaysian means "man of the forest". They are solitary arboreal apes living almost all of their lives in the trees, using their long arms to move easily between the branches. The observation of these fabulous wild primates is something unique. Unfortunately deforestation threatens not only their existence but also their entire habitat.


WILD FACTS: 4 years 7 continents 15 locations

The WILD conservation project is all about documenting the last true untamed places on planet earth. During the next four years, we will explore these places to create stunning images and evocative stories. Our goal being to communicate these parts of nature to a larger audience and decision makers.


Our vision is to showcase the true beauty of really wild nature where human impact has been virtually non-existant. Our photos will focus on all the positive statements that nature has to offer and we will work by the mantra of “What you love - you will protect”. By doing this we hope to win some hearts and minds into changeing the future for our planet.


Helle spent her young years sailing the oceans around the coasts of Denmark on a small sailing boat owned by her parents. These adventures gave her a taste of the outdoor life that she has never since been able to give up. Today she works as an accomplished nature photographer with a university degree in near eastern archeology and an education as ranger in Africa. She has spent her past 15 years guiding hundreds of safaris in Africa and leading expedition vessels trough Arctic waters. She has put her foot on all the 7 continents has recently published her writings on the north in the book “Wild North”.

With a strong connection to nature and wildlife Uri ha sought out adventures in the wild for many years. Today he is an accomplished nature photographer and has published several books on the subjects of his passion. For many years he has been specialized in photographing in the Arctic and his book Arctic Light has become a bestseller on the subject. He is an associate fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers and has been chosen as a local Canon Ambassador in Denmark for his work with conservation photography. His book “Tiger Spirit” won the WWF Panda Book Title in 2011 and his images has been featured in several magazines like the National Geographic and BBC Wildlife.



Here is a place where nature stands on the edge of what is possible, where weakness is fatal and endurance is vital. The Arctic shows no mercy. You feel small among the giants of ice and the lonesome wandering polar bear. Here the majestic snowy owl hunts on the permanent frozen tundra. 

Encompassing the world’s largest tropical wetland, Pantanal breathes here with its immense alluvial plains and grassland. A coloseum of spectacular natural wealth and diversity.

When winter liberates its iron fist of frost, the taiga reveals its abundance. The flowering meadow of the boreal forest is dotted with turquoise lakes and saturated by trickling streams. The scene is set for the hungry brown bear to wake up from hybernation.

From the vast East African savannah to the enormous inland delta of Okavango the struggle to survive is the name of the game - the eternal battle of dominance between lions and hyenas. In the lush central rainforest you meet the wonderful big apes and strange striped okapi.

A voyage to Asia’s montane forests and historic jungles – home of the majestic tiger and the illusive red panda. In the rainforest you become breathless when you look into the eyes of a kindred spirit and see the humane soul of an orangutan – then you become aware that we are all one entity.

Imagine yourself surrounded by endless rainforest 45 m up in a tree, looking down onto the lush canopy. Your body is tense of enthusiasm and the dream of experienceing the captivating dance of a Bird-of-Paradise. One of nature’s true wonders.

Journeying into the white continent to the coldest of all wildlife habitats. Here only few animals know how to survive. We will search for the worlds largest penguin - the true emperor of the south. The Southern Ocean is also home to the wandering albatross with the worlds largest wing span at 3,5 meter. These wings gives it the strength to soar over the giant waves from where it like us can watch the frozen but abundant world.


In the summer of 2019 the WILD will end up as a large format coffe table book and an outdoor photo exhibition that will visit cities around the world. It will conclude 4 years of amazing adventures and communicate a strong message of conservation to a very large audience with millions of people seeing it.

Helle Olsen +45 26244249 - helleolsen@live.dk - www.helleolsen.com
Uri Golman +45 50150120 - uri@urigolman.com - www.urigolman.com

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