The memory of a place, imprinted in our memories, can be traced back to elementary units definable as iconemes. The iconemas are the fundamental signs of the landscape, that is - as the geographer Eugenio Turri has defined them. The exhibition, managed by AKU and developed by the photographer Ruggero Alberti together with the architect Nicola Chiavarelli, is conceived as a mosaic of 7 + 7 iconemes that return the image of the place itself from which they are extracted, a perception that will inevitably be different between those who have been portrayed and those who, like us, look at the photo.

The pictures have been taken in the alpine areas of FELTRINO and PRIMIERO, two valleys close each other in the Italian Eastern Alps, along the ancient border between the Republic of Venice and Wien.

The photo exhibition is part of the cultural event NATURÆ20, managed by AKU in partnership Vibram.

Photos: Ruggero Alberti
Concept and texts: Nicola Chiavarelli
From an idea of: Teddy Soppelsa
Graphic design: Evidenzia

Special thanks to: Barbara Andreazza, Birra Castello Spa, Oscar Brandstetter, Giacomo Broch, Daniele Castellaz, Antonio Cemin, Antonietta Cemin, Renzo Corona, Lorenza Cosner, Dario Dalla Corte, don Sergio Dalla Rosa, Pierino De Bortoli, Santino De Gasperi, Moris Dobnik, Enel Green Power Spa, Funivie Seggiovie San Martino Spa, Valeria Ghezzi, Ginetta Spada, Adolfo Malacarne, Laura Nilandi, Daniele Pante, Daniela Perco, Andrea Ploner, Emanuele Sansone, Claudio Scalabrini, Carla Scalet, Germano Stefani, Maria Giulia Toffol, Bianca Toffol, Roberto Zancanaro, Simone Zugliani.


1# PRIMIERO - Ronco Cainari
"I was born here at home on the border. In the hamlet now there are eight of us, there used to be a school with thirty children. There on the hill is Cinte, here Castello and beyond the Canal valley. Thirty kilometers for "made a paper". Every day a good hour on foot to the farm... but health is all."


2# PRIMIERO - Altopiano Pale di San Martino
"With friends or customers I love to repeat these paths, up here it's not sport, it's spontaneous life. Here I feel at home, beautiful or ugly I feel calm, almost a shame to come back in the evening."


3# PRIMIERO - Passo Cereda
"In contrast to the '70s, I'm walking in the groove my parents traced. Again and again with tenacity. Switzerland can also be here today."


4# PRIMIERO - San Martino di Castrozza
"This place embraces everyone, even our guests. Six months with and six months without working season and we reconcile with the world."


5# PRIMIERO - Maso dei Fumeri
"With my maternal grandfather delivering up to the Boie di San Giovanni, I was a child, it was my after-school. Pros and cons are equal, in the open air, rain, wind and cold won't change my life."


6# PRIMIERO - Cima Tognola
"We are like cooks, we work with our recipes while others rest or celebrate, then the waiter takes the tip."


7# PRIMIERO - Moris
"My great-grandparents went to Austro-Hungarian Bosnia in 1911, I came back here with my grandmother to visit the sisters, "polenta" every Saturday. I'm "oriundo", back in 1992, starting from scratch. It's a circle in life, it gives you no respite."


1# FELTRINO - Passo Finestra
"Here, on the border between Veneto and Trentino is our home, I always come back with bated breath. If I had another life, I'd do it again up there in Neva with Ginetta."


2# FELTRINO - Basilica Santuario dei Santi Vittore e Corona
"Up here is being closer to heaven, a foretaste of heaven. No ticket, beauty is for everyone. I dreamed of ending my life here."


3# FELTRINO - Fabbrica Birra Pedavena
"The factory is profit, I'm at home here in the kitchen and it's first-rate work. I learned from the old people how to handle the cooking, you suffer in summer but in winter the peaks beyond the glass are a wonder."


4# FELTRINO - Feltre
"Old Feltre is a plunge into the past, a pleasure for the eyes away from today's hurry. Here you live well, many choose the citadel for their wedding album photos."


5# FELTRINO - Arina
"Land of freedom this. I no longer wait until Friday to finish the week like my 20 years before, in a shed on the plain. Now I grow beans, saffron and raise sheep. We're back full time."


6# FELTRINO - Aune
"When I was five years old I hid while the Germans were burning the village, up there near the Crot de Mugnègo, above the “sboazera", on the Tonal mountain."


7# FELTRINO - Sbarramento di Busche Enel Green Power
"The Piave is unpredictable, it needs care like a child. In June 1918 it rained on the mountains and the sudden flood slowed down the Austro-Hungarian army in the battle of the solstice."

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